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October 06, 2006


Bruce Matthias

Thank God my daughter decided upon GWU and not this joint. When no values are taught to these children by their parents or their schools, this is the result. Events like this are making the ivy league an expensive dumping ground for ill-mannered youth with questionable hygiene. Do not for one minute believe that employers are not paying attention.

who picks up the check?

How many of the protesters are on financial aid? Can I get my tax dollars back?


These fascists are a small minority of the student body and trust me, while they may not be at Biola their type is at most major universities. Don't paint such a broad brush.

What's amazing is that these fools have no clue that this is exactly what a hate-monger like Gilchrist wants---attention and even better when he can legitimately play the victim. They've taken a guy fading from the public's memory bank and put him back on page 1. And for these fools, they think that this is good because it will cause people to "choose sides" and create conflict and the resulting chaos. A non-violent protest would have made their point without giving him the publicity. Give them a big fat F in Politics 101.

Bruce is right about values---tolerance and free speech, even if abhorrent, should have no stronger supporters then in academia. I would think that it was forseeable that a guy like Gilchrist would draw people who have no respect for tolerance, free speech or academic freedom and who would try and disrupt the speech. It would be interesting to see what security precautions were taken.

Scott Carpenter

Hey Bruce, I kid you not, I instantly thought of you and your family when I saw Columbia University in the press about this. I remember vividly you telling me about 3 years ago that your daughter aspired to attend Columbia.

Good thing she didn't, but imagine if she did, we may have been able to get a firsthand report of the melée.


Hah brownshirts, how appropriate...God the only thing I can't stand more than the Minuteman Project is people who protest. Thus, there were no losers in this debacle in my humble opinion.


Ohhhh...poor Jim Gilchrist. Being protested by a bunch of students. Conservatives didn't seem to mind, in fact I read several blogs that were pleased as punch when someone spit tobacco juice in Jane Fonda's face at a book signing. And the fella who spit in the face of a woman pushing 70 was so proud he had to be chased down after fleeing the scene.

Waaay back during the 1984 campaign Walter Mondale got shouted down by the USC Young Republicans. I don't remember any conservatives complaining about that act of lack of tolerance.

Welcome. Gilchrist chooses to be controversial. Welcome to controversy. If his PR team has any sense they'll know how to spin this into helping Gilchrist seperate more money from his idiot followers.


Trudat, Spud. While I think what Jane Fonda has done in her days is slghtly (and I say "slightly" without any facetious tone) worse than what Uncle Jimmy does, that is a good point that protestors are looked differently upon by people depending on their own political mindset. Personally, I hate all protestors equally.


"Personally, I hate all protestors equally."

You're joking, right?


Not entirely...I was putting a slightly comedical spon on it, which appears to have been lost on you, but I really do not like people who protest.

And I know where you'll go with this, and I will go ahead and say right now that there is a difference between protesting for representation to go along with your taxation as well as for civil rights and protesting for things such as Uncle Jimmy and Auntie Jane do.


Well, Jozef you're partly right. "Comedical spon" is pretty funny. But the rest of it was lost on me. Maybe there are some comedy workshops or something you could go to after English Composition.


You're joking, correct? You have nothing better to do than criticize someone for hitting the "o" key instead of the "i" key, which is adjacent to it?

By the way, you missed a comma in your first sentence. Both "well" and "Jozef" were modifiers to the existing sentence "You're partly right." Thus, it should have been "Well, Jozef, you're partly right," because saying either "Well you're partly right," or "Jozef you're partly right" encourages an akward sentence structure and recital of said sentence. But I'm sure you had all of this figured out and were just testing me...that's all semantics, though. Your real error came when you started a sentence with "But".

Maybe you can take your typing analness/nerdiness and go work for Phil Angelides' campaign; it seems as though you would fit right in (being not only a nerd, but a hypocrite as well) and he needs all the help he can recieve right now, I am sure.


Josef, if you look carefully you'll note the comma in my first sentence.

I don't know why you brought up Angelides - that was just odd. FYI, I will not be voting for him; and not for your comic book hero, Arnold - who looks more and more like his predecessor every day.

The only thing "comedical" in your postings is a puerile shallowness that will no doubt disappear with maturity. I'm not so sure about that sycophancy to the establishment. That's a worrisome trait in one so young.

Strong Coffee


You seem like a smart kid, but you need to grow up. You strike me as smarter and better informed than the average 18-year old, but you're definitely acting like a teenager.


Oh, I'm the one "acting like a teenager" when someone comes in here and asks "You're kidding, right?", which carries with it a ridiculing tone, and replies to my genuine and legitimate response to stated question with critiques of one of my keystrokes? By the way, redperegrine, your one comma was duly noted, but another would make the sentence a better-composed one. Oh and by the way, since you seem to be attached to my using "comedical", as though it is incorrect or something, here is a link to the dictionary definition of it for you: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/comedical

I'm puerilely shallow for having an opinion? Would you like me to outline exactly why I don't like the Minutemen, or Jane Fonda? Or any protestors? Or people who nitpick? There is only one person on this blog acting sophomoric, and it is most certainly not me.

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