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October 22, 2006


I support a law that deports naturalized immigrants(like Tan) for commitiing voter intimidation.

My father is no "recently registered" voter, probably has 20 years plus of voting under his belt.

I really don't see him as an immigrant because he's been here so long . In fact, he would have fought in Vietnam if he hadn't broken his leg before re-registering for duty. In fact, My uncle and Grandfather both served this country in Vietnam.

After speaking to all of them their sick and disgusted that some immigrant from Vietnam would try to impede and immitidate them when they put their life on the line for them, their family ,and their country.


If you're going to use the Vietnam War card then fax me your uncle and your grandfather's DD-214s. My fax is 949.666.5157. If they "really" served in Vietnam then I thank them for their service. If not then stop lying and polarizing this Tan fiasco. It's already ugly enough. Besides Tan was born in 1973 when the US troops had departed. Stick to the issue Anonymous poster!



"If you're going to use the Vietnam War card then fax me your uncle and your grandfather's DD-214s"

Are you one of those big brother types? Why do I have to prove to you wheremy uncle and grandfather served? Are you not aware that many Latino Immigrants fought and died in Vietnam?

It really disgust me when I hear Vietnamese politicians, like Tan Nguyen and Janet Nguyen, campaign against so hard Illegal Immigration. Do you doubt that if Vietnam was situated where Mexico is they would be as vocal?

Then, these politician like Tan today talk about benefits that Latino immigrants are utilizing without mentioning that Vietnamese refugee far utilze more government benefits(grants) as a percentage than Mexicans Immigrants.

No Illegals

Oh yeah, Vietnam war guy, who cares what your grandfather and daddy think or did. This is about illegal immigration... 12 million of them at least. This is about big business sucking our tax dollars so they can get a cheaper product and more profit and not pass it on to the consumer. This is about GW 'the idiot' Bush telling America that Canada, Mexico and the U.S. are going to become one country without borders. This is about the government IGNORING what the majority of voters have wanted for over 10 years - immigration reform and a HALT to illegal immigration. This is about MECHA indoctrinating young Hispanics that SouthWestern USA is theirs and that they will take it and expel all whites from those territories. It's about Citizens paying for illegals to go to our schools, bankrupt our hospitals and fill our jails. It's about the law. Come in the right way, that's the ONLY way. And last but not least, it's about whether this will be solved peacefully, or, with violence. If the government continues to ignore what the majority of us want, it just may be the latter.



The word in the spanish version of the letter was emigrado, not emigrante. The online spanish to english dictionary I found defined emigrado with the English word emigrant.

American Heritage Dictionary defines emigrant as: One who emigrates.

American Heritage defines emigrate as: To leave one country or region to settle in another.

I do not speak spanish, but I can see attorneys taking this information and using it to demonstrate the meaning of the letter.


Thanks for the correction, Chris. I saw one word in Gustavo's post, and wrote another in my post. That's what comes from trying to blog and watch TV at the same time.

Gustavo Arellano

You were right to print emigrante, Jubal--that was the word I posted in my original post. That's what comes from trying to blog and watch The Shawshank Redemption at the same time!


That's alright guys.

Tan has been keeping us at our computers far too much the past few days. We're bound to make an error now and then. I know I have.

After watching the press conference clips I just want to say...

That's Entertainment!!!

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