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October 23, 2006


Lilly White

I’m really, really, really upset at their latest ad in the bunch of advertisements, about "more bars in more places". The series has shown people in ridiculous situations, which are by no means life threatening. Though I would argue that the jail one is a bad situation to be in, its not exactly life threatening. The latest one however, which happens to be the first one to feature a “latino/hispanic” person in their campaign shows a guy named Ted or Pat “Sanchez,” and he's about to be blast off in a building demolition. I find this completely diminishing of life of those who could identify with this man in image!! and therefore extremely racist. In comparison to the rest of the ads in where people miss out on life's opportunities the "latino guy" is placed in a serious situation where he is about to be killed in a violent manner. I don't know who did this ad, but it only goes to show how the advertising industry is responsible for the perpetuation of racist ideas. Where people of color are shown only to be ridiculed, or in this case obliterated!!! I’m going to have to leave AT%T because I cannot support a business which is racist in such a way!!! And I will post this message wherever AT&T's name is--until the ad is removed from the air and the company offers an apology to all its Latino clients!!

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