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October 23, 2006



Jubal --

I lieu of such allegations regarding purported intra-county carpet-bagging, might you consider directing your blogospheric weaponry (and traffic) towards more ominous targets?

Pettiness has always struck me as a poor additive to center-right politics.

Aside from City Council Candidate Rudat's alleged prolcivity for enjoying the beach (a weakness I must admit to sharing), are there any substantive reasons why Ms. Rudat poses such a threat to the people of Orange as to be worthy of your consistent attacks? If so, pray tell.



I think not living in Orange should be enough. Unless you don't care whether your councilmembers actually live in the city.

Carol is BAD news for Orange

How about her proclivity to deceive and lie to the voters of Orange. For example, her ballot statement stating that she's lived in Orange most of her adult life, when she had been registered to vote for the last 30 years in Anaheim and Newport Beach. Or how about the judge pretty much calling her a liar and a perjurer on the stand because she wouldn't directly answer the questions related to her residency at the time she registered to vote.

Or what about her proclivity to sue and to be sued as evidenced by her numerous lawsuits as both defendent and plaintiff?

Orange voters should be wary of Carol Rudat for so many reasons in addition to her residency issues.


Jubal --

Is it fair to say that based upon your answer, you have lanched your myriad attcks on Ms. Rudat whilst having no articulable critiques of her platform or vision for the city of Orange? I hope not, as I understand Red State to be a blog that seeks to elevate the quality of political dialogue in Orange County.

The Greeks liked to test a proposition by bringing it out to its most extreme outcomes, aka reductio ad absurdum. Let's try that here to test the extent of your apparent geographical myopia.

If Winston Churchill or Ronald Reagan or William F. Buckley were seeking a seat on the Orange City Council, would you launch scathing attacks upon them because they spent some time living in Irvine or Newport Beach? Would you mock their campaign literature calling for fiscal conservatism, safe streets, and family values?

And as for you who write under the name "Carol is BAD news for Orange", it is generally dificult to take seriously the rhetorical bombs that someone throws whilst hiding behind an alias. Such generally points towards the courageous campaigning of, say, an opposing campaign staffer. No?



You live in Newport Beach.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that I lived in Newport Beach from the age of 8 or so until I went off to college, and ultimately left Newport Beach, never to return.

After living in central OC for a quarter-century, I decide I want to fulfill my childhood dream and run for Newport Beach City Council. I buy a run-down house there a year before the election, but don't live there. In April of the election year, I change my registration from my Orange home to that Newport Beach fixer-upper I don't actually live in.

In mid-August, I pull papers to run for Newport Beach City Council whilst still living in Orange. I submit a candidate statement claiming "I have lived in Newport Beach almost my entire adult life" -- something I know to be untrue. In other words, a lie told knowingly told to voters whose trust I am asking for.

Wouldst thou cast thy ballot for a candidate such as this, so willing to deceive the voters and manipulate the system in a quest to hold a position of public trust? Who had only just begun living in Newport Beach -- and tenuously so?

If there is any myopia -- geographical or otherwise -- it is not on my part, my hirsute commenter. I see the situation very clearly.

And I wouldst respond to thy hypothetical thus: Carol Rudat is not Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan or WFB. She is not even in the same galaxy, let alone the same ballpark.

Carol Rudat's literature extols honesty, but her campaign -- her whole manner of running for Orange City Council -- has been marked by deceit.

You may consider it petty for an inland bumpkin such as myself to object to a candidate's lack of honesty. My observation of how Carol Rudat has run for Orange City Council -- the carpetbagging and dishonesty -- convince me she is the kind of politician for whom the end justifies the means. If she will lie and manipulate the system in order to get elected, then she will lie and manipulate the system if actually elected. From politicians such as that, promises of support for fiscal conservatism, safe streets and family values aren't worth the paper the mailer is printed on.

What's more, I can cast my vote for two other candidates who also smile upon fiscal conservatism, safe streets and family values -- whilst possessing the added advantage of being honest individuals who actually live in the city they would govern.

I live in orange

To Jubal and Michael,

I live in Orange, and I will admit I have been following this very closely and to be honest, JUBAl has it right. Candidate Rudat has been full of fraud and like a great magical act, misdirection.

In years past a number of candidates build the "hometown" campaign and it is very effective. But the big difference, is they all have lived in the City for just about a "LIFE TIME" and rudat hasn't.

As a voter the way I look at it...she got away from Orange at her 1st chance.

I hope and pray that voters in Orange will look past the fancy mailers and the smiling faces and see the truth.

I will be using my vote wisely and it Won't be for a Rudat.

Nice Family Values

And remember, the City of Orange FIRED her husband Dave Rudat!

Think she has some issues? YOU BET SHE DOES!!!

Nice Family Values

Vote for Mark Murphy
Vote for Denis Biladeau
Vote for Frank Finn
Vote for Jeremy Wayland
or Vote for Darren Smith

These are the candidates that have lived here, currently live here, and do not have a sleigh full of issues or a vendetta


Ahhh, another episode of "As Orange Churns", starring Carol Rudat.

This is becoming one melodramatic campaign...

Perhaps Carol Rudat can do a joint press conference with Tan Nguyen, announcing that Tan has now endorsed her because she's also willing to "tell it like it is".



"you have lanched your myriad attcks on Ms. Rudat whilst having no articulable critiques of her platform or vision for the city of Orange?"

Have you gone to her website to check out Ms. Rudat's "platform" or "vision"? I have. There is no platform, there is no vision. There are plenty of lame platitudes about her mom and pop and all the wonderful values they instilled in her, etc. This candidate's issues are about as hollow as her residency. This is not about picking on a public-spirited candidate. This is about uncovering a fraud, an attempt to deceive through evasion and half-truth. The voters of Orange would be justified in concluding that there is an ulterior purpose behind this charade.

One Who Knows

The real questions are "who is doing Rudat's mail" and "why haven't they removed the Cunningham household from their list?"

It seem like a preposterous waste of money (as well as being politically stupid) for the Rudat campaign to continue to send its propaganda to Mr. & Mrs. Jubal.

It is unlikely that Carol will ever be able to persuade them to vote for her. Give it up, Carol.

I live in Orange too!

I live in Orange as well, and don't like that fact that
1) She is bending the rules of eligibility for city council by not being a true resident, or keeping her "domicile'" here, etc.
2) More importantly, she hasn't addressed this directly, and, is trying to pretend that she really has lived in Orange for most of her adult life… which ,we all know is FALSE!

I think it would be better if she had admitted from the beginning what her residency background was, etc, then I think this would go away. She could even put a spin on it and say she has “decided to move back to her roots in Orange to save it :)”

As somebody once told Nixon, the cover up is always worse than the actual crime.


While residency apparently does not preclude someone from running for office, and citizenship might still be considered a pre-requisite for becoming a candidate... I am pretty sure you have to be alive.

So you might have to go back and let Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan that they will not be able to run for Orange city council.

Buckley may still have a chance though... but even the write in candidacy deadline has passed.

What about Daucher?

The arguments about Rudat's residency are certainly valid but the real question is: do the same standards apply with Lynn Daucher?
Here's someone who moved to her district just to run for office, openly states she has a home in Brea, Fullerton and Newport Beach and is running against someone who has lived in the district quite a bit longer.

Lynn is certainly a well-qualified candidate but would you vote for Correa based these same standards you're applying to Rudat?


I was born and raised in Santa Ana, but moved away, and now I'm a resident of Orange. So by some folks standards I could run for mayor of Santa Ana, and all would be just peachy. But what about the residents of Santa Ana? Don't they deserve some one who could represent them, and be a part of that community. This is just crazy to me. It sounds like French politics. I won't be voting for Rudat.

Just say no to Rudat....

You can move anywhere you want to and run for office there.. Just like Hillary Clinton did in New York! As long as you meet the residency/domicile requirements, so be it.

Where Ms. Rudat has gone afoul is representing herself as a long time Orange resident, which she obviously is not. It would also appear she did not meet the residency requirements (by failing to provide a simple utility bill), even though a judge failed to rule correctly on this point.

The disturbing part is her whole campaign seems to be based on her long time residence/roots in Orange and “values”. It is a fact she has not lived here as long as she claims. What does that say about her values?.

Jessica Schaffer

Being an undecided voter I have now decided on a couple of NO VOTES. I will not support Carol Rudat or Jeremy Wayland. Both have shown no respect for themselves or the other candidates. It is time that all in the City of Orange are made aware of the actions of Carol Rudat and her criminal family.

Thank you



Just say no....You are right. It seems that honesty is not a requirement. But my point is that not being a resident of where you are running for office, serves in no ones best interest. Hillary is a perfect example. New York is the only state that she could have been elected.....even though she has always been a yankee fan etc......

Fools Fall 4 Bilodeau

In regard to supporters of Carol Rudat's living outside Orange - - - has anyone taken the time to verify that many of them own property in Orange, run businesses in Orange, contribute to Chapman University, etc? They do.


You're missing the point -- Carol Rudat claims in her mailer that they Orange families -- as in "families that live in Orange."

Which in the case of many of them, is a lie.

Unless we're using Carol Rudat's super-elastic definition of what constitutes living in a city.

Question for Jubal

Forget the fact that she doesn't live here in Orange. How long do you think someone should live here before they can be considered an Orange Resident? One year? Five years? 10 Years? Forgive me, but I think that some people who lived here for ten years know less about this city than Carol Rudat. She has been associated with this city a lot more than most residents. Still not voting for her, but to TRULY live here, what is the time frame? What about those that live here, but work elsewhere? Shouldn't they live AND work here? I know I spend more time at work than I do at home. Maybe Work location should be the voting standards. Not arguing, Just adding some spice to the conversation.


How long do you think someone should live here before they can be considered an Orange Resident? One year? Five years? 10 Years?

I don't know that there's a precise answer, but moving into town -- after not living here for a quarter-of-a-century -- just in time to pull papers to run and only actually living here full-time sincde August doesn't qualify. And I doubt you could find five people beside yourself and Carol and Dave Rudat who think it does.

The rest of your argument is sophistry.

You cannot change the plain fact that Carol Rudat has knowingly lied to the voters of Orange, registered to vote at a home she didn't live in, has already missed her first opportunity in 25 years to vote in the city of Orange -- and yet we are supposed to trust this person with a city council seat. She has shown herself to be lacking in integrity and should be defeated.

Question for Jubal

Oh, I still don't think Carol should ever be an Orange Councilman for the lying she has done in this campaign. I was just playing Devils advocate for a second and asking how long should someone live here.

Some of the other candidates have lived here for a few years and know much less about Orange than Carol does.

my blog is gone too

Seems to be the pattern in this so-called neutral blog. Terrible.


Seems to be the pattern in this so-called neutral blog.

So-called by whom? This blog has never pretended to be neutral. You seem to be the only one who doesn't realize it.

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