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October 22, 2006


Paul Lucas

I think they should send the DA after Van Tran for the same offense.

Rudat headed to O.C. Jail!

Not quite what she dreamed of when she was a flag twiller at Villa Park High, but Carol will look so good in the Orange Jump Suit with a big O.C. Jail on the back!


Good news. It would be great if the DA office would also investigate into whether candidate, Jennifer Villasenor fradulent registered to vote in Santa Ana while residing in Hungtinton Beach.

Been in Orange for almost an entire 5 Minutes

Is five minutes enough? I should run for mayor....born in New York, lived in Anaheim and Newport for over 30 years....Maybe Carol is having a moment...someone please show her the way back to fashion island, this poor girl is lost!

Carol Candidate Statement

I was raised in Orange and I have lived here for almost my entire adult life.
My husband Dave and I have three children who all attended public schools.
For many years, our family owned the Orange Christmas Tree Farm on
I amrunning for city council because together we can make Orange an even
better place to live and raise a family.
As a small business owner, I will bring a common sense, bottom line
approach to solving problems. I will vote only for balanced budgets and will
not support tax or fee increases. I also will work to eliminate unnecessary
regulation that hinders growth of small business.
Public safety is my number one priority. I will fight to hire more police officers
to patrol our neighborhoods, parks, and schools.
Providing our seniors with better transportation options also will be one of
my top concerns.
We all live in Orange because of the unique quality of life here. I will work to
protect the integrity of our neighborhood by demanding smart planning to
reduce traffic congestion and prevent the over-crowding of our schools. I
would be honored to receive your vote.
Please visit www.carolrudat.com

Carol's Biggest Fan

Carol states that her roots are in Orange, where? She needs to bow out of this race, and allow real ORANGE RESIDENTS the RIGHT to serve ORANGE!!!

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Justice Department For Sale by Solomon Ward Attorneys at Law:

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Intentional civil rights violations on court record and yes, government prosecutors for both criminal cases were present in court when these violations accured.

Pacific Law Center and Solomon Ward Seidenwurm and Smith (Solomon Ward Attorneys at Law) with the blessings of government prosecutors have filed four complaints in different courts which includes The United States District Court, Southern District of California case No.07-CV-00460 against the the defendant in order to keep the defendant silent. This is called fraud and railroading a person in jail and/or prison and railroadind a person in contempt of court and violating freedom of speech.

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lucas law center

I think I agree also with Paul Lucas, “they should send the DA after Van Tran for the same offense.”


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