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October 30, 2006


Wasn't Matthias being blamed for the Otto Bade write in a couple of days ago? Now we find out that he isn't even part of the 'Republicans for Correa' effort and a Democrat front group from Sacramento is funding Bade's mail. Add to this Daucher's aborted (no pun intended) attempt at stopping the party's endorsement of her old enemy from Brea Steve Vargas and you get a clear picture of a bitter woman trying to blame all the wrong people instead of tending to the business of her campaign. This campaign is becoming the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Mike Lawson

Why do people insist on commenting annonymously?!? That last one was written by someone that was pretty articulate.

Garden Grove Republican

All I know is that Janet Nguyen endorsed Dave Shawver when he was running against John Moorlach for Supervisor.

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