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October 19, 2006


what fund is being fleeced now?

Is the general fund paying the legal fees. The fund we use to pay our teachers who are working without a contract?


Two days in front of the Grand Jury? It sounds like he has alot of explaining to do.

I guess this means Casabianca wasn't telling the truth when he recently told school parents there was no DA investigation.

Interesting that Casabianca is the only trustee to be hauled in front of the Grand Jury so far. Sounds to me like he might be a focal point of the investigation. It's no wonder when CUSD is entering into contracts with Casabianca's employer -- Twining Laboratories. Can any one say conflict of interest?

The fact that taxpayers are footing the bill to provide criminal defense counsel for Casabianca is nothing short of outrageous.

This seems to be yet another example in the already long list of unethical and potentially illegal activities by those running CUSD.

Kids First

Kids first ... right after the trustees, the administrators and employees. It's nice to see the trustees are taking care of themselves at the expense of the kids.

Let's see ... $400 per hour for Fleming's attorney. $395 per hour for the employees attorney. Another $395 per hour for the Trustees attorney and, oh yeah, $400 per hour plus airplane fare for the so-called "independent" investigator that was hired by the Trustees.

And let's not forget CUSD's regular general counsel - Dave Larsen (from Rutan & Tucker fame) that is co-counsel and ring leader of this CUSD legal dream team.

Meanwhile the teachers have no contract and the kids continue to sit in substandard and unhealthy trailers. But don't forget ... it's "Kids First."

Follow The Money

Follow the money Follow the money Follow the money Follow the money Follow the money...

Easy come, easy go

Yes, the general fund...the same fund the district used to pay Fleming's $400/hour criminal attorney and the $400/hour "independent" investigator hired by the district to investigate (and probably whitewash) alleged unthical and illegal conduct by Fleming. These guys have, and will continue to burn through thousands that should have been spent on the kids.

Batter up!

I have noted that in the criminal investigations of the leadership of other organizations, the questioning of witnesses often begins with lower level employees first and then moves up the food chain to the real targets. Sometimes this takes years. Hopefully they're getting close with Casabianca. It is indisputable that he violated the Brown Act and his complicity in the recent antics of the board of trustees to ignore or dispute the scandalous behaviour of Fleming and his Trustee colleagues clearly raises well-deserved concerns about just how dirty Casabianca actually is.

Time for a change...for the kids' sake.

As a parent of three children in CUSD schools, I am so tired of the controversy the current trustees have brought to CUSD ... more focus on the problems of the trustees and administration at the expense of the children. Just like the trustees' unbelievable denials and excuses, the shame they have brought to CUSD never ends. This district will never get healthy until leaders are elected who are willing to clean house. We have a chance to begin real change with the election less than three weeks away. Getting rid of Casabianca and Henness will be a good start.

At least the Republican Party and the teachers union had the common sense not to endorse Casabianca. Both sides of the aisle know better than to support this Fleming lacky.

PTA mom

so let me get this straight - I am asking all of the parents at my school to help fund basics because we have no money and we are paying thru the nose to keep a Trustee out of trouble. Wasn't it his job to watch out for us, hmmmm time for a new Trustee


These people have no shame. They violate the law and then they think they have the right to have taxpayers pay for their defense. What planet are they living on?

It's obvious that no meaningful reform will ever occur at this district, until Casabianca, Henness and the rest of these people are removed from office.

Rather than doing the honorable thing and stepping aside, as usual, this gang of trustees refuses to look out for any one other than themselves.

They are a disgrace to all elected officials. I hope the DA really goes after them and makes an example out them.

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