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October 30, 2006


Rudat is in Meltdown mode!

Angry people should not be in politics and I've never thought Carol Rudat was well suited for the City Council.

One Who Knows

I am really surprised that Ms. Rudat isn't blaming OC Blog and you, Jubal, for her almost certain defeat next week.

But for your humble blog, Carol Rudat might well have been successful in hoodwinking the electorate into believing that she is best suited to represent their interests.

You took the cover off the mess and exposed her hypocrisy. You should be proud indeed.

Okay who edited

That was certainly interesting. I post a comment and it gets deleted and the post I commented on gets edited. Is this normal?

John Q. Puplic

Funny that her family values include having her daughter creating the Dump Denis site. I guess with Carol, poor politics is a family affair. I miss Mr. French. Anyway…
I am tired of the BS from both sides. The best choices in my opinion are Mark Murphy and the sleeper, Darren Smith. If you don't know about him, please check him out. Nice man running a classic campaign. He was at my house last weekend, shook my hand, and answered all of my questions. I've had my neighbor tell me he was on the corner of Collins and Handy with his kids, holding up signs and waving to the folks as they drove by. Maybe he doesn’t have the money the other candidates have, but when has it been about how much money you have behind you, that buys you a seat in our little town. If everyone knew the tens of thousands spent on these campaigns…..the money could be used for better efforts, in my opinion. The signs all over town are a blight on the city, and my kids joke about where they will appear next, on our church? at city hall? Taped to lamp posts, stuck in yards ( I have a neighbor with 5 different signs in her yard) and in every corner of the city. The voters should read about the candidates, send a message tp the negative mud slingers, and vote for qualified, Orange residents, that will help make Orange a better place over the next four years of their term. Think and VOTE!

Elroy El

she was bad mouthing former Sen. John R. Lewis over the two decade old Reagan signature episode

This must be one of those "inside baseball" stories.

Could someone explain what this means?

Buy your seat on the City Council

I have heard from a veru solid source that Carol Rudat is at $157,000 for her campaign of her own money. This why campaign finance laws are bad, they knock out good candidates that can't self fund, and you have people buy there seat.

Vote for who you want, but send the message loud and clear and tell the Rudat's.....

The City was done with your husband and now we've had it with you carol.

No expense reports!

I called Rudat's campaign office, (714) 288-0885, and told them if Carol pledged to never file an expense report with the City of Orange, then I would be happy to vote for her :)

Carol was nice to me

Carol has stopped by our home. She was very kind, did not bad mouth anyone and answered my questions. My neighbors son told me this blog is run by Carol's competitors. If this is true, you should be ashamed of the skew you are putting on this campaign. Ms. Rudat was very nice and seems to have alot to offer our City. A businesswoman with a hard earned education and business background doesn't seem soo bad to me.

Should you be out walking, Carol?

Scott Taylor, I hope you're not charging Rudat for writing phony comments on a blog.

Should you be out walking, Carol?

Scott Taylor, I hope you're not charging Rudat for writing phony comments on a blog.


I also find it funny that Denis Bilodeau was caught on tape by POLICE tearing down candidates signs last weekend. He even lied to investigators when they went to his door to ask him about it. You should even call the DA because they are going to press charges against him. Isn't it also funny that the police association took BACK its endorsement and they even ran an ad in the OC Register saying they were no longer endorsing Bilodeau! I think the least of our worries should be a so-called "carpet-bagger"... our we really going to elect a guy who lies to police to their face after being caught tearing down signs on tape!?!? obviously thev race is much closer than Denis would like..
so to those who keep posting blogs on this site.. you should be fair to all candidates and investigate them all. You should not be investigating only one person because you lose all credibility. If you have "inside" sources.. then you will be able to confirm what Denis has done..
oh btw.. CBS2 and KCAL are on the story set to air.. they've requested the DA release the tape of Bilodeau ripping down signs...

Carol's Dad

I am sick of this. Carol go to your room, I'm voting for Mark Murphy and Darren Smith.

Carol's Dad Needs Help

If this garbage about Denis is real, then by all means, post the newspaper ad where they rescinded their endorsement, post the article about the D.A. pressing charges, how about a copy of the police report...

Well... I'm Waiting...

Just as I thought, groundless baseless accusations with aboslutely no grounding in truth.

Its not the candidates fault (most of the time). Its these nutbags and delusionals that think they are helping their candidate by slandering others and posting out and out lies. These are the real problems of the election cycle. All the hanger-ons.



you wanted the link.. there you go. so i guess you will call denis bilodeau "delusional" when you find out he did rip candidates signs down.. and by the way.. the accusations aren't groundless .. its caught on tape.. do your homework.. call the police and DA..

Nothing Proven at all

Again, what are you trying to prove? No Story, no video, no article. I like everybody else will believe it when I see it. I have seen the video of Dave Rudat putting those signs up and nearly beaking his neck on a ladder. That I can believe. All youhave is lies, and until then... VOTE DENIS!


Not trying to prove anything.. you asked for the OC ad where the police took their endorsement back.. and thats what I gave...

maybe you should tune into the news tonight.. channel 7 eyewitness news. why don't you ask your pal Denis if he used a drill to take the signs down. the answer: yes.
Dave Rudat putting up signs is not illegal. Tearing them down is.
Even if Denis wins the election... he is still going to face the fact he committed illegal acts to win.. and face the consequences..


oh yea.. and Denis shouldn't be saying he's endorsed by the police association.. that too is a LIE..

Multiple choice


Are you:

a) Carol Rudat?

b) Dave Rudat?

c) Stephanie Rudat?

d) Scott Taylor?

e) A Scott Taylor minion?

Nothing Proven at all

I still don't see anything regarding the removal of signs. If there was an actual video, wouldn't it be online? Dave Rudat's attempt at America's Funniest Home Videos is. If this is such amazing evidence of wrongdoing, then where is it? When exactly is it going to air?

The proof is in the pudding.

And by the way click on the ad and it will show that Denis is still there.



does it really matter. obviously you work for the bilodeau campaign and even if you see the video you will back him. (even though you call those people "delusional".. i'm sure you will come up with some excuse to support what he did. have you called police or the DA? didnt think so.


the video is at the DA's office. for the fourth time.. all you have to do is call the police department and ask.



Actually, I don't work for Denis' campaign. I openly support Denis, but am neither consultant nor staffer to his campaign.

I asked about your identity because it is clear you are in minute-to-minute contact with the Rudats.

Carol who are you backing

What other candidate are you backing?


and no .. this is not carol.

Its great to know that you support him even though of his last minute action before the election.

Good Luck


And great to know you're supporting a liar and a fraud.

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