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October 03, 2006



Does she have to prove she lives there now, or that she lived there when she registered?


I haven't yet seen the actual complaint that was filed yesterday, but my understanding is she has to prove she was domiciled there when shew registered to vote and when she filed to run -- but I'm checking on that.

Soon we will know.....

Jubal, Was Carol in court today or just her attorney?

I wonder

I wonder what she will use to actually show proof she lived in the home?

Does an electrical bill to the address count as proof? Very grey area


What was Mr. doing there? Hope he wasn't there on Company time.

County Worker

Carol Rudat wasn't there, although her husband Dave was....

Hope he wasn't being paid during his time down in court...I wasn't when I went



I updated the post in response to your first question -- Rudat has to prove she was domiciled at the Orange bungalow when she registered to vote, when she filed to run and that she lives there still.

Big Bucks

Mr. Shore demurred that since he wasn't the Rudat's regular attorney

Doesn't that bother anybody else....why do you need a regular attorney.


Someone should call the CEO's office and find out if Mr. Rudat was paid for his time in court. Guess neither Rudat knows how to conduct business in an ethical manner.

Wonder where Carol was? Perhaps moving stuff out of her Newport Beach home????

Funny, she causes the mess and Dave is the one in court today.

I bet he is giving Carol advice on how to clear her name - he seemed to have a big part of that with the "trash siutation" in orange. He did not come out clean in that situtaion and I do not think they will be clean in this one either.

Time for the Rudat family to move on from orange -- if it is not clear, they do not want you there.

Andy Favor

Just out of curiosity, what is it about Carol that has drawn everyone's ire? I understand the residency issue, but it seems like there is a history that I am not familiar with.

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