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October 12, 2006



Hey jubal,

Still a big fan, but I have to disagree. How can you say there is not a homeless problem in Orange? I can give you about ten spots off the top of my head and the local homeless that call those spots home. There are numerous homeless in our city, and the city does not have an effective way to deal with them.

Now no one will accuse me of not living in this city. I live, work, and spend all free time in this city. Since they finally built the Best Buy in Orange, there isn't much reason to go anywhere else.

Now once again, I love your commentary and tune in quite a bit. Not kissing up here, I actually read regularly, but you cannot say that there is not a homeless problem in Orange. It is a very serious problem. Is it the most serious? Not in my opinion, Insider Politics that exclude the people is my biggest priority and I believe to be the City's worst problem. The city needs new infusion of new blood, or we grow stagnant.

Just my opinion, Jubal
Write on, Write Proud

ok wayland answer up

Ok, name the 10 spots...I work for the city and will tell you if your right or not


Hart Park, that should count as three because of the numerous locations
Main & Almond
Main & Chapman
Behind Target-Meats & Tustin
Eisenhower Park
Collins-Handy Field by the alleyway
sycamore & Main by the park area near the apartment complexes
La Veta behind the condo complexes by Batavia
Hewes past Via La El Modena as you go south

In addition to many of the construction areas that they migrate through the day and the other areas behind stores and other locations.

Is the homeless problem as bad as it was a few years ago? No. The city has gotten much better. But if you drive around the city enough, you will see the problem.

Does that help? I know I missed a few spots




I didn't say there were no homeless people in Orange. But I don't think it rises to the level of a "problem" that warrants a city department.

This should be left to private charity, rather than create another self-perpetuating government bureaucracy that will never put itself out of business by "solving" the problem.

Hart Park-Yes
Main & Almond/Main & Chapman (same female)
Behind Target-Nope
Eisenhower Park - Nope
Collins-Handy Park - Nope
Sycamore-Main by park (El Camino Park..btw) - Yes
La Veta condos off Batavia - unsure, however would seem unlikely due to homeowners and the old persons home located there.
Hewes past Via La El Modena - nope...I live in a home right off Marmon and Hewes 1 block north of this location and have never seen a homeless person.

Again, I work in the field and I am all over Orange everyday...

Are Those Crickets I Hear?

Does anyone find it curious that "watchdog" Shirley Grindle was nowhere to be seen throughout the Carol Rudat residency controversy? She never uttered a peep.

That watchdog has no bite, or even bark in this case. Proves once again that Grindle only goes after candidates she doesn't like, regardless of how spic-and-span their reports are.


Hey Jubal,

I was just going by you saying there was "another odd tack since homelessness isn't a problem in Orange"
I just disagree with the fact that you said it isn't a problem. Though I like Carol and still don't like the way she has been slammed recently, I agree and disagree with her on this. I am for limited government and think aother city government bureaucracy would be a waste of time and money. I do think that there needs to be 'some' city involvement in addressing the homeless problem and not just relying on private charity to do all the work. It does affect business's to see the homeless problem outside of local doors. Some of them are severely mentally unstable and it is only a matter of time before an incident occurs that makes the city finally take a stand and do something about it. I am for preventative measures as opposed to reacting after the situation has happened.

Oh and its Jeremy, though everybody says I sound like my father. We are actually both fans of the site and I've bookmarked it as my morning read. Jubal, you are my favorite. You have a great underlying wit in your writing that I hope most people can appreciate.

Thank You
Jeremy Wayland

Respectfully disagree

Hart Park-Yes (A Major Problem down there)
Main & Almond/Main & Chapman (same female)There is actually another male that alternates corners with her and they have gotten into an alteraction or two. I get my contact perscription right there and know that area very well.
Behind Target-Disagree, I have three friends that work there that have to watch unloading the truck because of this.
Eisenhower Park - It is a huge problem at night.
Collins-Handy Park - Right by the overpass of the freeway north of the baseball fields.
Sycamore-Main by park (El Camino Park..btw) - Yes
La Veta condos off Batavia - due to recent construction areas left unchecked-a few have migrated over there after dark.
Hewes past Via La El Modena - South of Chapman by the park field.

"Again, I work in the field and I am all over Orange everyday" But not night.

I don't want to argue, but the homeless problem is not fixed structures that can be seen at any moment. They do move around. I work all day and quite a bit at night all around the city and can attest to the problem. Now you know different areas. So do you think there is a homeless problem or not? I think we are arguing over location as opposed to the actual problem. Again, I don't doubt you knowing the city well. You also have probably heard of incidents involving Homeless and Drunk and Disorderly calls.

But again, this is just my opinion and what I observed.

Jeremy Wayland


Jeremy: Sorry about the name mix-up! And thanks for the compliment -- it is greatly appreciated.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. As Ronald Reagan said, "a government bureau is nearest thing we'll ever see to eternal life on this Eearth." That is true for local as well as federal government.

A city department of homelessness won't eliminate homelessness in Orange. I don't know to solve it, but I do know another government bureaucracy is not the answer. I'd wager the citizens of Orange agree with me. Maybe Carol Rudat should test her idea in direct mail piece to Orange voters.

I think you are much too generous with Carol Rudat. You should have attended the hearing last Thursday -- you would have seen a person spending most of her time in the witness box trying to avoid a perjury rap. She deserves every bit of criticism that has come her way regarding her carpetbagging.


Jeremy is the reason your supporting Carol Rudat is that your the spoiler in the election put up by Carol Rudat and fuded by her?

Didn't your family and including you sign her papers for the race and aren't your parents listed on her mailers?

Maybe it's just another Wayland family


No problem with the mixup Jubal, I only hope I can live up to the example my father set. He served this city for 30 Years as a firfighter and 5 with the city police. He served with the Marines in vietnam and was an amazing father and a hero to me, my brothers and my sister. If I can be half the individual he was, I will be very happy.

As for being too generous with Carol? Regardless of what she has done, I just don't like it when people that have differing views team up on someone like that. Has anybody that is so upset over the residency issue even considered that she might be an excellent councilperson?

Keep in mind, I cannot defend the actions, that is for a court to decide. It is the candidates job to present their case as to why they would be the best person for the job. These attacks on her are coming from ONE individual who is frightened by the fact that she has a very good chance to win. But the attacks are coming indirectly at her, because of cowardice. Look at those who filed the complaints and tell me who's campaign sign is in their lawn.

Now as I go through the campaign trail, I get to know the other candidates quite well. Frank Finn is a very honorable individual and would bring a lot of qualities to the job. Darren Smith, I am very impressed with. I hope if not councilman that he is further involved with the city of Orange. Mark Murphy, what more can be said. He is a great human being and brings Heart and Soul to the city. I hope to one day do the job that he did so well.

I liked Steven Ambrisz the best though. He represented the people like me. Orange Loyal. Long term-Panther Pride. If he was around, I guaruntee that I would not have even considered running. He did the job well.

I hope that the people of Orange can vote on Pride and Principal and put the best person that represents Orange in the seat. But the decision is theirs, not for someone to torpedo her because they are scared of someone doing the job better before the election even happens. Let the voters decide.

Again, just my opinion. And to quote Dennis Miller, I could be wrong.

Thanks Jubal
Jeremy Wayland


Haven't received one nickel from Carol or the Rudat campaign. In fact up until recently for my fundraiser 95% came out of my personal pocketbook. The 5% from one of my good friends Bob. I've filed, its public record, who my money comes from. I can't be bought by Irvine Money unlike some people.

And I like to think my chances are a heck of a lot better than Spoiler. I would like to avoid the Perot references.

As for my family, well read an earlier post and I have already explained it all.

But diversion from issues is a great little tactic that was used just like the residency issue. I wonder who was behind it all...



I can think of a number of people who would make excellent Orange Councilmembers -- the only problem is they don't live in Orange. And my attitude toward them would be the same as it is toward Carol Rudat if they attempted to carpetbag in.

What she's done is wrong and dishonest and renders the verbiage in her mailers about "honesty" and "transparency" completely hollow. How do you trust someone as a councilmember who manipulates the system and avoid perjruy by a hair? She seems to feel the ends justify the means, and that is not the kind of person I want on my city council.


Hey Jubal

I have to tell you I miss this, I loved debating in College. As long as you avoided the ad Hominom attacks, it was constructive and fun. The exchaging of dialogue and ideas without fear of reprisal is the cornerstone of our democracy.

The beauty of the system is, you don't have to vote for her. If you don't agree with a candidate or the positions they took, or the means, or anything about them. You can simply not vote for them. The only issue I take with, is the who was throwing the punches and why? Look at both sides, see who was doing all the mudslinging and the lawsuits.

If someone is doing something that you feel is dishonest and they are going for public office. You just don't vote for them, its that simple. You don't start bashing and suing and going about the methods that were used. And if you are running against her, you don't use patsy's to further your goal. That is cowardice in its purist form.

Thats what I take issue with. If people don't agree with something, vote against it. Thats it. When you engage in the activities and the despicable deeds that have occured, then you go to far. That is what I have a problem with.

The great thing about this campaign is, there are so many options beyond just two or three. There is a candidate for almost everybody in the city. I hope more elections are like this, it is more fun and it is better for the city in the long run.

Anyway thats all I got to say. I look forward to the next writing session.

Have a good evening.

Jeremy Wayland
Wayland 4 Orange City Council



If a candidate is doing something not only unethical but likely illegal (if you can find a judge with nerve), you don't just keep it to yourself and protest in the anonymity of the voting booth.

You force the issue. You raise it with voters. That's what I tried to do and what I will continue to do regarding Carol Rudat.

And can you tell me exactly what the "mudslinging" was? That's what I find confusing about you, Jeremy. You're untroubled by Carol Rudat's carpetbagging and registering to vote at a home she didn't live in, but you're outraged at those who called attention to it. I think you know perfectly well Carol Rudat hasn't lived in Orange for a t least a quarter of a century and is guilty as charged, yet as an aspirant to City Council you are unwilling to hold her accountable.

Carol has a Meltdown

Rudat blew a gasket and her hubby couldn’t save her from herself at the recent candidates forum. The pressure of political life is showing as Carol had a melt down when she faced real Orange voters. Her former city manager husband tried his best to calm her down from his seat in the audience but Carol would have none of it. She’s one angry lady and Orange Residents deserve more.

Eddie Haskel

Maybe Jeremy should stop riding on his father's coat tails and father's job history and explain HIS life experience. If I need to color a comic book, maybe he can help. Maybe he can tell me more about the jungle cruise, a behind the scenes look..or just maybe, Orange City Council is the happist place on earth to work. As I see it the only person REALLY slinging the mud is Jeremy. Stand on YOUR merits, and stop defending CAROL RUDAT! And then, maybe, you can be a viable candidate. Good luck!

Eddie Haskel

As for the Old Towne Candidate forum, I thought that Darren Smith, Mark Murphy and Denis Bilodeau did a great job. These gentlemen are sound candidates with roots in the city. They were well spoken and poised. Carol looked angry and arrived late. She wore blue jeans and a t-shirt, glad she could dress up for the affair. Maybe it’s just Newport Beach chic, who knows. Jeremy seemed quick to defend Carol, and smear Denis and Mark. Frank was nice, but avoided actually answering the question about the new Santa Fe station. I will watch the race closely, and I plan on attending the OPA meeting on Monday, it should be good...maybe I should bring my X men comic book…..


Hey Jubal,

This is why sometimes debating issues gets out of control and it comes down to ad-hominom attacks. A guy named 'eddie Haskel' mocking me for my age? Wow... Attacking the person instead of the actions of the person or the issue is once again a wasteful debate tactic.

But maybe you are right Jubal, maybe I have viewed this wrong and have gone about this wrong. I have extended a sincere invitation to Denis to speak privately firsthand and clear the air. If I am wrong, I will apologize. I have said before, I am not an egotistical individual who can't admit his mistakes. If I am wrong I will admit I am wrong and apologize and make ammends.

But as for smearing Mark, I would never do that. Mark is one of the best public officials this city has ever had. I have always and continue to be a big fan of his.

Like I said, I am always open and not rigid in my line of thinking.


Eddie Haskel

It's not about age, it's about your experience (listed on YOUR website). Take the time to recognize the facts, stated. Aren't you the one saying candidates are taking contributions from the Irvine Company? Who are you taking about? Denis? Mark? Darren? Frank? Who? You did state candidates, meaning more than one. It appeared as though you meant Mark. And please, check your spelling, it's ad-hominem not ad-hominom.


Hello 'Eddie'

I am not going to elaborate on the statements I made, because they were based on information from a source I now consider extremely unreliable. Unfortunately, a few of the comments I made were out of line and I recently had an opportunity to speak with Denis. I was mistaken about a few things, and would like to issue an apology.

To Those who read my previous Email and Denis,

I would like to apologize to Denis for the insinuations that I made earlier. Unfortunately some very rude and demeaning untrue statements were made concerning myself and my family. They were mistakenly attributed to Mr. Bilodeau, by a source I no longer consider very credible or trustworthy. I made a mistake, and I apologize to Denis and anyone else who read the email. After speaking with Denis, he is a very honest and straightforward individual. It is truly an honor to run against him in this election. I have a newfound respect for him and his career in public service. I wish him the best in the rest of this campaign, and I look forward to a clean and well-fought campaign on the issues only.

Jeremy Wayland
City Council Candidate

 Eddie Haskel

It took courage to apologize.
Truth is its own reward.
Run on your terms, your ideas, your vision. Be yourself. I know it's there. Good luck.

Eddie Haskel

Very compelling, but is it a ploy? After viciously attacking Denis in the press, blogs, and at candidate forums Jeremy is now a staunch supporter?
Makes you wonder if you would want a candidate that would argue so vehemently against someone (or thing) then do a complete reversal and canonize them (Nothing against Denis, he HAS my vote!)
Jeremy should remember one thing, Denis already HAS a running mate, his name is Mark Murphy.

From Wayland Website:

Endorsement of Denis Bilodeau

Denis is the candidate that I am proud to endorse for the second seat in this City Council Race. Denis has served this city well as planning commissioner and will continue to do so as a city councilman. His dedication and service to the Water Board has earned the respect of many. Denis is also endorsed by the Republican Party and Assembly members Todd Spitzer and Bob Huff to name a few. Denis is a family man, that will preserve the value and integrity of our schools and work hard to keep Orange safe. He has earned the endorsement of the City of Orange Firefighters and Police Unions.
Remember when you go to the ballots this fall, remember Denis Bilodeau and Jeremy Wayland for City Council Candidates.


You decide

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