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October 30, 2006


Elroy El

because he's finished politically as a Republican.

Does this mean he had a political future as as republican?

I have to agree with Chris on the other thread.

It's pretty funny to watch the OC GOP playbook being used.

And how many millions is Ackerman losing on this race?

Claudio W. Gallegos

My neighbor actually received a Californians United piece that actually slams Lou Correa and Lynn Daucher. It accuses them of being Liberal and having a "pro-abortion" and "pro Illegal immigration" agenda. I will be happy to get it to someone with a scanner so it can be seen by all.

Joe Brown


I'll go out on limb here and make a wild assumption that your neighbor is a Republican, living in a Republican household.


Like Rebecca noted, this crowd is the same gang that swiftboated Umberg in the primary. And yes Jubal, while there are some technical(and legal) differences between the two situations, Scott and the other Reds tried to get Laurie into the race to draw Dems away from Linda. Arnie allegedly did this in Irvine last cycle, getting another Republican to fill in. A different style was evidenced years ago by GOP moneybags Jim Slemons running in the old 74th AD. In those days you knew where people were going to go on the ballot BEFORE filing closed. SO Slemons apparently paid for a couple of people to file so Marion Bergeson would not be on top.

All of these things are bad form. Just throw down the gloves and go at it.



I agree with your desire for a straight up, head-on appraoch.

For the record, Scott didn't recruit Laurie Campbell to run. I realzie that has all been lost in the hazy mist of memory, but it is erroneous to attribute that to Scott.

Elroy El

All of these things are bad form. Just throw down the gloves and go at it.

And since Jubal seems to have amnesia, I might be going out on a limb here and say the BoS did the same in the last election when the firefighters qualified their initiative. The Supes put three additional initiatives on the ballot with at least one of them who (Norby who seconded the motion to place them on the ballot) then went out and campaigned against all of the initiatives he supported putting on the ballot. Anyone who is a casual observer of local politics knows this is the reason that action was taken.

So spare us the hand wringing on this being a dirty trick being used exclusively by Dems.

If it weren't going to be so effective Ackerman and others wouldn't give it two thoughts. His soundbites tell me he is worried at watching several million dollars being flushed down the drain.

Like I said earlier.

Isn't democracy great?


To Bladerunner -

I think this is the same group that produced the high brow campaign for Claudia Alvarez.

My recolection of the Doris Allen Recall - I believe Scott knew Laurie Campbell and her husband, but the signatures and possible recruitment went back to Curt Pringle.

Elroy El

In a recent post over at the Orange Punch blog, Steve Greenhut is pleased as well...punch that Otto has thrown his hat in the ring as a counterpoint to Daucher.

Go Otto Go

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