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October 24, 2006


It's a landslide elction for the democrats and being a party line conservative republican is a bad thing.


...unless you live in Orange County.

I sincerely doubt, for example, that Steve Young is going to turn out John Campbell.


It is not often that we whole-heartedly agree with a "centrist," Democratic political leader, but these are disturbing times. Harry Reid (NV), leader of U.S. Senate Democrats, recently blasted the current Congress as "the most corrupt in history."

The fact that Reid made his outburst in response to allegations that he might also be involved in the mighty tide of corruption, does not mitigate the fact of wholesale auctioneering of the public treasure. Rather, the damnation is made more powerful.

So, what if Pate Bates is endorsed by Orange County members of Congress, considered two of the top 20 most corrupt members of Congress, to enrich themselves as they sell Orange County a bag of goods with “free” Terrible Tunnel.

So what if Pat Bates is endorsed by South Orange County Deputy Sheriff’s who will benefit from Bates 3%50 “buy the civil service vote” initiative.

So what if other professional politicians who endorse Pat Bates, have until very recently endorsed Tan Nguyen?

Let’s count on the electorate being as stupid as we think they are and vote in Pate Bates and her Terrible Tunnel, Congestion to Constipation and forget about Law and Order!

the preceeding brought to you by Cassie de Young

...and the antecedent by Bate's lackeys.

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