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October 24, 2006


How much do you want to bet that Pat actually gets MORE Dem votes than Cassie? And you know why? Because even the Dems are smart enough to see right through her. They are smart enough to see that if Cassie is so quick to throw her own party under the bus, what would she really do to the Dems if she got elected?

As the whole country is fed up with the right wingers and their war and scandals, when they throw the conservative Republicans out of office across the country Nov. 7, may this sentiment carry over to OC as well. And may Cassie DeYoung prevail as a moderate Republican, not a party liner doing the goose step.


Anonymous 10/24 12:55 PM wrote: "As the whole country is fed up with the right wingers and their war and scandals...."

South County voters are smart enough to the know the difference between Republicans running for federal office and Republicans running for county office. The wars and scandals of the former have nothing to do with the issues of the latter.

We need a supervisor who will work with John Moorlach and other north county supes keep county spending under control and improve our traffic infrastructure.

Cassie DeConservationist is not the one to do that.


It has been said that truth hurts, but it has never maimed anyone (on purpose that is) – Bates is maimed with regards to pandering to social servants with her 3%-50 actions. For those readers not too familiar with Orange County finances, we should recall that Orange County declared bankruptcy not too long ago. Guess what will happen with the fattening of OC’s pension plan?

Guess why the Police Chiefs are endorsing JerryMoonBeam Brown for Attorney General. The same one who has called the war on drugs a scam, opposed the execution of "freeway killer" William Bonin, described lethal injection as a "Nazi-style" form of sanitized execution and suggested that banning capital punishment would elevate society to a "higher state of consciousness”.

Seems like the Sheriff’s union has also reached a higher state of consciousness once the 3%-50 plan pushed by Bates took hold! – and now they also endorse Pate Bates!

So, tell us again where is the deceit?

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