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September 29, 2006


The word on the street is that the other security guard, some students, and a school neighbor are coming forward with information.

It looks like someone may have lied about what she said happened.

Besides, didn't Jubal blast a candidate from Tustin who used his position on the board to get his kid into a non-public used toilet at KFC.

Now he's backing someone who used her position to apparently intimidate a security from protecting high school kids.

If the lastest turn of events from Colorado tell us anything, we need the Newport beach police department to investigate this incident. There was a crime that occured and someone evidently used their position of authority to get preferential treatment.

The fact is that the school district and the NBPD now know of this incident and anything less than a proper investigations adds liability to those agencies. If a similar breach of school security happens in the near future, the school, city government, and the police should be blamed.



1) For the thinking-impaired, I'll re-state for the umpteenth time: I'm not supporting either candidate.

2) As for Menard: http://www.ocblog.net/ocblog/2006/07/phil_paule_to_r.html

And what does the Colorado incident have to do with this. Are you actually suggesting Daigle is going to charge onto a school campus, guns blazing.

This is a case where anonymity enables stupidity.


Two links for you:



What ridiculous campaign pictures. Can't imagine these two making it thru the Sunday edition of the New York Times.

Bill Whalen is my hero

I want to be just like Bill Whalen.

Joe Monroe fan

Joe Monroe is my hero.

Monroe rocks

I Love Joe Monroe.

As to whether or not the Police will look into the matter, one needs only to look at the fact that the Police endorsed Barabara Venezia against Daigle (the un-elected incumbent). I don't buy that this is a crime, but the content of Daigle's comments should be dealt with by the GOP (and quickly).

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