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September 14, 2006


Dave Swanson

Sounds a little like a few elects I know.


What makes Rocco's being a No Show Worthless individual as a Trustee so bad??? As opposed to being one of the ovezealous, egotistical Right-Wing Nut Wackos across OC on those Boards??? You know who I mean...individuals who basically live off their School Board Stipend and spend 16-20 hours a day injecting themselves into the inner workings of their respective District's ACTUAL business as well as OCGOP affairs because they are " elected Officials" to the point they, say, squander $300 million in Bond money, or create a Hostile Work Environment by constantly micromanaging District personnel while power tripping as they play their own misguided brand of OC politics all over town???

Come on, Lurk!!!

I shall refrain from naming names, but Rocco is rather calm and sedate as compared to "prominent" individuals from West, North and South OC. (East OC has no schools YET.)

The Public needs to wake up and fight the APATHY found in most individuals of voting age in OC who never show up at the polls year in and year out. Then maybe blatant Anti-Social Non conformists would never have a chance to "get elected".

But then again, if the average Police Officer in OC encountered Mr. Rocco on the street, he would likely be a guest of a locked Mental Unit at UCI on a 5150 and a HALF...

Only in The Golden Orange County, ya know...


Lurk, I have to disagree with you here. In Orange, we have a school board that for the most part robotically rubber-stamps whatever the Superintendent puts before them.

Practically speaking, the five rubber stamp trustees have a far more negative impact on the district than one odd-duck trustee who refuses to attend closed sessions. Rocco is the least of our worries.

Smoller outrage, not surprisingly, is aimed in the wrong direction.


I 'm with Lurk on this. There are some serious issues with many of the current board members concerning failure to perform proper oversight, the music program, etc. And we can agree or not and decide whether the opposition would be any better.

But Rocco is an indictment of the entire system. He wins because people didnt take the time to read their ballot statement and find out what the candidates were like. They knew nothing and went on ballot title. usually, someone who wins like that at least gets in and works at being a good board member or councilmember. This guy does zero and makes the district a civic lesson of what happens when people are asleep at the switch. What are they going to do, break out the tin foil during the break? Time to go.


Although Rocco maybe a joke and a waste of time on his school board, I think he is having a positive impact in the attention he draws to the "lesser known" elected positions. By Rocco being so wacky, he is actually drawing attention to the boring world of school boards. It is only when there is something or someone severely out of whack that the media will pay any attention to elected positions such as school district trustees, water boards, sanitation boards etc. So, while Rocco is pretty much a joke, as Jubal stated, he is the least of our worries, since he is more of a nuisance than a danger.

While I believe Rocco does not add any value to his board he serves on, I believe his antics are a valuable attention getter, hopefully encouraging the public to pay more attention to all the elected positions that effect their lives and thus spur them to make more informed decisions, or else live with another Rocco.


Would you accept this kind of behavior on your City Council? BOS? Legislature? Pick a legislative body.

If I saw this on a corporate board, I'd have the option of selling my stock or not doing business with them -- since school boards are by nature monopolistic and parents have no other places to take their money and their kiddies, there aren't any choices here but too let this nut case hang around -- thankfully we have the power of this forum to light him up occasionally. Smoller was right.

I don't have a stake in this since there are no Lurklings, and frankly I'm tired of paying for all this "education" for the level of quality that's available and the test scores that are produced.


"But Rocco is an indictment of the entire system"

Yes, ncs, I agree. Most school boards are marked by servile liberal and RINO stooges (unlike the description provided by anon @ 5:39) who seem to think their sole responsibility is to hand out gold stars and rubber stamp everything put in front of them. They'd rather perish than disagree with their Superintendant puppetmasters.

So Rocco seems to providing a valuable public service. The folks in Orange can recall him or vote him out next time. Meanwhile all his "no" votes simply mean that everything passes 4-1 instead of 5-0.


Look at you avoiding what actually happened: Rocco was elected because the other guy was seen as pro-union. It was deliberate. The fact that your ideology made you end up with a certified loon is embarrassing, no?


Oh, and as for most schoolboards being servile liberals? Tell that to Rosie Avila adn the absolute idiots at Westminster. I also seem to recall Orange Unified turning down federal funds for poor children to receive free school lunches because they didn't believe in entitlements.

Pete Fundy

For the record, Pete Fundy has had bad experiences with both Albertsons and Kodak.

As of yet, however, I must admit that I have not found any conclusive evidence that the two are in cahoots.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

Johnny Slash

Most school board majorities are composed of servile liberals.

Rosie Avila is one school board member on a board dominated by Santa Ana liberals.

When Helena Rutkowski lost in 2004, there was no longer a conservative majority on the Westminster SD board.

Teacher unions were successful in their recall of the conservative majority that was on the Orange Unified SD.

There are over 30 elected school boards in Orange County and all of those cited have a liberal majority.


WOw, since about 75% of OC school board members are Republicans, looks like RINOS are alive and well in Red County. I'm wondering, are the elected officials given a "RINO-DETECTION" test before or after they give up the $200? Does the endorsement committee put them through a Manchurian candidate process so they can become servile conservatives?


Blade, I learned a long time ago that party registration means very little as far as political philosophy is concerned. Rebecca may not like it, but her exceptions prove the rule: most school boards (JCs, too) are liberals, especially by OC standards. There's a reason for this. Many of them are elected with the active support of the teacher unions, the only organized group who even pretends to care about who gets elected. The result? Boards are stacked with ex-teachers and ex-principals (who are all ex-teachers).

If you want to see how futile these boards are, go to any regular meeting and watch them spend the first 45 minutes handing out awards, citation and stupid plaques.


RPG-I know what you mean about philosophy and party labels--just look at Kelo-Daucher & Anti-Kelo Correa. Or the Cypress Republicans who went after the Cottonwood Church. Would have made Willie Brown proud.

But its a stretch to call most school board members liberals, at least in Red County. I think most of them are conservative and wouldn't be caught dead at a union hall. Even some of the ex-teachers who end up on boards.

But you're on to something in your first post...the problems is not so much liberal versus conservative. It's just too many of them follow the tune of the Superintendent/city manager maestro without questioning and thinking outside of the bureaucratic box. There are many reasons for this including lack of public attention and having staff that report to the CEO and not the elected boards. But the result is oftentimes poor oversight(Capogate)or simple lack of imagination. While the teachers have clout most school board members blindly follow their supt. when there are labor problems. They and ex-principals come to boards because they have educational expertise and want to use it. What's strage is that they sometimes fail to use the great ideas and experience they went thru in the classroom. Of course many do and are valuable contributing members but not enough.

So you're right that we need to do something about this. Of course, you can go overboard by having board members micromanage(remember nativo Lopez picking architects and Tom Fuentes getting the board to cancel a Spanish class going to Spain because they did not agree with U.S. foreign policy?). But let's see a little life by these boards.

Go easy on the awards though. Most of them are for hard working employees and students who deserve the recognition. Hopefuly, we'll see more board members who do alot more then award pins and certificates.


Blade, although I completely disagree that boardmembers are conservative by anybody's standards (outside of SF) I couldn't agree more with your observation about boardmembers blindly following their superintendant. I've always been amazed that that the unions, who by and large get their people elected, then passively sit and watch them submit to the head bureaucrat, especially at contract negotiation time.

Which brings me to another issue you mentioned: don't underestimate the purpose of those elaborate award group hugs that initiate every board meeting. I see them as a general tool to diffuse disagreement, reward the unremarkable, and pacify teachers and parents alike.

Yes, I am a bit cynical. Maybe I've been to too many board meetings!


It could be worse.....you could sit have sat thru hours of a council meetings watching a city manager lead them around by the nose.


"It could be worse.....you could sit have sat thru hours of a council meetings watching a city manager lead them around by the nose."

Oh, I've done that, too. I logged many, many hours in a north county town watching the city managers and attorney have their way with weak-minded and infirm councils.

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