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September 29, 2006



My first thought was: what dog can possibly be worth $225,000 of 'emotional distress.' So I read the article and more questions came rushing. How does a citation for riding a bicycle without a helmet end up in gunfire? Who fires a dozen shots at pooch? Isn't that two magazines' worth? If an officer can't stop a thirty pound dog with handful of shots, how safe are Costa Mesa's residents against people-sized violent threats?

A truly bizarre case.


$225,000 for a dead dog....as a taxpayer for in this city I certainly hope the settlement cost the city less than had they litigated. I am sorry to see someone's pet get killed but in this case I will gladly give the officers the benefit of the doubt. The police are not anxious to fire their weapons, but if a pit bull came up to me and I felt threatened, then I'd shoot him dead too. The officers should not be blamed - the delinquent kids should be. My question is why were these kids running from the cops to begin with...jumping into neighbors yards and forcing the police into a pursuit. This whole incident would have been avoided if these kids didn't think they could run from the police without consequence. What was it about these kids that they thought nothing about running from the police? That's what I want to know.

FYI: The title on this webpage says "Red Conty" -- might want to add a "u" in there.


Um, TB,

I agree there are situations where an officer would legitimately shoot a medium-sized dog. But a dozen rounds? That's pushes the imaginaton.

There must be more to this story than the headline; why else would Allan Mansoor's staff be willing to spend a quarter million dollars [*] to make the story go away? Smells like somebody wants something to stay out of the papers.

[*] Costa Mesa's attorneys didn't work for free

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

Yeah, even a dreadlocked hoodlum in Florida can take out a pooch more efficiently than the Costa Mesa PD. Maybe that should be the dude's community service - training cops how to more efficiently shoot dogs.

Speaking of dogs, what's up the delays to the trial of Jeffrey Nielsen (the conservative activist referenced above in "Our Thing")?
I would have said his powerful friends were trying to avoid any election-year embarassments - but they went and pushed matters all the way until another election!

Great update on the Nielsen case there in the OCWeekly.
Even though I believe that Jeffrey is, like everyone accused of a crime in this country, innocent until proven guilty, things aren't looking good for him.
And I think we've reached a point now in which justice is being denied to the young men who have accused him of these crimes.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

Jeffrey's accusers aren't so young anymore, Mr. Anonymous. And that's part of the reason for the delays - a 14 year old boy testifying to sexual abuse/statutory rape is pretty outrageous, but delay the trial until he's nearly 18?

Still just as outrageous, arguably even more so, but on the witness stand it won't appear to be so. And what is Orange County if not obsessed with appearances...

A reliable source close to Mr. Nielsen's case has revealed that this second accuser from back east made the accusation only after the accuser made a call to Mr. Nielsen and demanded a $100,000 extortion, and Mr. Nielsen refused. The FBI is now involved and investigating this man's conduct.

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