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September 21, 2006


Time for oversight

It's time for some Congressional oversight. John Conyers should be a great person to start mucking out the stables of Republican corruption. He'll have years worth of work to unwind the K street project.


We just got a peek at what might lie ahead, with Lockyer's (California) auto-maker suit. Democrats are doing everything imaginable to make California a place NOT to do business. He's already given us those stupid "... known to California to cause cancer ..." notices. I would like to think he's an idiot, but that obviously isn't the case, so the only thing left is fiend.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't having a Republican majority in the House actually impede the level of support and funds the great blue state of CA receives from congress? Although, and thank God, OC is red, we must remember the rest of the state is coated with a thick coat of blue, which must not be an attractive recipient of favors from a GOP controlled house.

With CA having such a strong democrat representation, I believe we have never been able to form a cohesive group in DC, thus falling so far behind in funds allocated to our state in comparison to many much much smaller states.

So in-fact, I dare say, the state may see more funds if the house goes blue, so all the democrats can dole out favors to the largely democrat CA delegation. So, in short, yes go out and support your Republican representative, but they are the minority in California’s congressional delegation and may or may not necessarily be able to bring home the pork because of the company the are forced to roll with.

In this vein, he has prepared a current report, critical of operations in Iraq, dubbed “The Constitution In Crisis” which according to many conservative writers reads like a pre-assembled articles of impeachment document for Democrats to use should they regain power in November.

Ah, we can only dream....




Well, that certainly makes it OK:

"Children, it's OK to tell a lie, as long as nobodyt dies as a result."

As the ancient Romans used to say, "He who walks with the lame, learns to limp."


You're missing the point, Jubal.

When Clinton lied about having sex with an intern, he was impeached.

When Bush lied to -- or, if you prefer, horribly mislead -- Americans about WMDs, ties between Al-Qaeda and Iraq, and Iraqi "nucular" ambitions, Congress remained eerily silent.

So, to sum up:

  • Clinton lied. Dead people: 0. Impeachment: Yep.
  • Bush lied. Dead people: ~40,000. Impeachment: Nope.


Mr. Whipple:

Actually, it is you who missed the point.

Clinton, under oath, said something he knew to be untrue. Saying something you know to be unture is called a lie, as in lying under oath.

Bush didn't lie about WMDs, etc. He stated what his Administration -- and also what the Clinton Administration -- had believed to be the case. Having bad information is vastly different than saying something you know perfectly well to be untrue.

Juris Prudence

Clinton, under oath, said something he knew to be untrue. Saying something you know to be unture is called a lie, as in lying under oath.

Actually Jubal you of all people should know better than to make statements like this given facts to the contrary. After a rigorous investigation that most normal people would consider a witch hunt that resulted in scurrilous charges being brought by a partisan Judiciary Committee a trial ended up resulting in an acquittal. Given your respect for the rule of law I would have to say you are mistaken.

On to the subject at hand of a DEM majority in Congress. Given how a GOP majority congress with a GOP President has involved in what can best be described as a foreign policy nightmare coupled with an insane fiscal policy having one branch of government in the opposition party could only be better.

Juris Prudence

And remembering back to the time. GOP's were hardly interested in confronting the war on terror. In fact they went out of their way to block the President's efforts calling one of them (forcing taggants on explosives making them easier to trace) a 'phony issue'.

So spare us the hearts and flowers on this issue.


Jubal, the administration knew quite well the Iraq weapons claims weren't true. The Nigerian yellowcake story had already been debunked by the CIA several times, with George Tenet going so far as to take it out of two of Bush's speeches before his final address (where it managed to slip back in); Colin Powell was cussing and bitching the night before his address to teh UN, calling the "intelligence" he was supposed to present "bulls--t"; and British intelligence was advising Tony Blair and the rest of the British government in the Downing Street Memo that Americans were "fixing the facts around the policy" of invading Iraq. Sorry, strawman about how Bush didn't know.
It was a lie.

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