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September 22, 2006



Saw an article about this in today's LA Times as well. These people really have their act together. I hope they throw the incumbents out on their backsides.


.I also found Frank Mickadeit's column in the OCR interesting as well:

" Capistrano schools. Pro-Fleming incumbents are trying to avoid a political meltdown. Parents have their slate and are turning up the heat."

It looks like the ABC Reform Slate is being recognized for what it is -- the only viable challenge to the incumbent CUSD trustees.


This is quite a statement from the Orange County Republican Party -- to deny party endorsements for incumbent Republican candidates in favor of a change.

Not only does this show bold leadership by the OC Republican Central Committee, it also shows how badly reform is needed at CUSD.

Kudos to Addonizio, Breyson and Christensen for gaining the confidence of the OC Republican Party.

hey hey hey goodbye

the last nail in the coffin of the ever so famous CUSD trustees.Good luck to the ABC slate you have my vote!

Just so you all know, I signed the Recall -but would not vote for the Slate. People need to do their homework before they vote.
Talk to the candidates themselves, find out what they stand for and ask tough questions so they can not lie to you. And do not let the Recall Committee answer the questions for the candidates. You will find that the candidates are not aware of what it takes to run a school district.

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