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September 05, 2006


larry gilbert

Supervisor Lou Correa's support of Prop 90, the Protect Our Homes inititative, comes as no surprise for me. He and I both appeared on C-SPAN Book Notes supporting Steve Greenhut's book Entitled "Abuse of Power" over a year ago. "Eminent domain" abuses can attack any individual regardless of party affiliation. I trust that Lou's support of Prop 90 to be sincere.

Larry Gilbert, Orange County Co-director, Californians United for Redevelopment Educuation. CURE.


"I trust that Lou's support of Prop 90 to be sincere."

Well, Larry, I'll take your word for it. One thing I'm sure of though, is that Lynn Daucher's support could only be interpreted as transparently insincere. Only a year ago she was bragging about how the City of Brea used eminent domain to build a corporate brew-pub! Cheers!

larry gilbert

Why did you have to mention the city of Brea?
In our 2006 book entitled "Redevelopment: the Unknown Government" is table 4.3 that lists total indebtedness of the biggest abusers. Including principal and interest, the city of Brea, with 38,998 residents, has an outstanding redevelopment debt of $466,868,415 representing a per capita indebtedness of $11,972 for every man, woman and child. A half billion dollars in debt is not what I would consider "chump change."
Larry Gilbert, CURE/MORR

Polling Guru

Nov 7th 2006

Lou 62%
Lynn 38%

Green Machine

Whether or not Lou's endorsement is sincere is questionable because there is no down side for him. When he faces the likelihood of losing voters or money and stands by his prrinciples then we'll know what he's made of.

Either way, this is a victory for the small business owner and in my book that's good enough. Good Job Lou!


Props to Mr. Correa, and the Prop 90 campaign

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