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September 18, 2006


Ken Maddox

I want to take this opportunity to set the record straight since Mr. Pedroza has taken it upon himself to assert claims he has made no attempt to validate as true.

1. Dina Nguyen has never been registered as a Democrat.

2. Dina Nguyen is on record supporting Wal-Mart and believes it would be a good tax generator for the city.

3. Dina Nguyen lives on Bonnie Dr. in Garden Grove.

4. The votes against Dina's appointment to the planning commission stemmed from a process issue the council believed Mr. Rosen failed to follow. It was no reflection on Dina's qualifications or philosophy. Mr. Rosen told me he thought a Republican appointment would be easier for him to get approved in light of the controversy separate from Ms. Nguyen.


Ken, thanks for the quick response. Can you answer specifically:

1) How long has Dina lived in GG?

2) How long has she been a registered Republican?

3) What was that planning commission process issue you mentioned?

Thanks for any elucidation you can provide.

Ken Maddox

Dina is a self employed attorney so I don't know how quickly I can get the first two questions answered.

Re: Q3. Rosen had problems with his appointment to the planning commission. These commissioners are supposed to served for a set period of time. He pressured his appt. to step down. This left a vacancy. The council addressed this in one of their meetings. They cited his pressuring of the person of the council as being outside the agreed upon process.

Actually, Rosen's appt. to the planning commission was a lefty opposed to just about everything that came her way. She was verbally abusive to business owners that had the misfortune of needing her vote.

Rosen tried to solve this problem by finding a Rep. he could appt.

Although, it has yet to be asked. I will address other often asked questions.

Dina is pro life and pro second amendment.

Ken Maddox

Dina bought her home in GG in 2000.
She has been registered Republican for several years.

Dina walked to support Prop. 75

Dina Nguyen is a hard worker for the Party and served as the RPOC GOTV Area Leader in Garden Grove during the Special Election. Dina step up to the plate and served as a GOTV Area Leader when other previous RPOC leaders didn't support the Governor's Props.

Dina was one of the best area leaders during the Special Election.

Though her list of family and friend she also recruited a number of precinct captains in her area, including a number of precincts in Garden Grove which have never been walked by a Republican.

Dina also help to organize the Governor's Rally at Asian Garden Mall in Little Saigon during the Special Election.

Please feel free to call me if you feel the need to discuss any of this in detail.

Barrett Tetlow
RPOC Special Election 68AD GOTV Assembly Leader
Current V'06 Regional Field Director


Dina bought her home in GG in 2000

I think the question may be how long she's lived in it.

Is Dina a Communist?

I wish we could know for sure which Vietnamise are from the North and represent the former enemy and which are from the South and might be good leaders.

Ken Maddox


She has lived there since 2000. Dina told me she had used a Westminster mailing address when her mail was being stolen.

brock in anaheim

"Dina Nguyen has never been registered as a Democrat... She has been registered Republican for several years"

So, Ken... what has Dina been registered all those other years?

"Dina also helped to organize the Governor's Rally at Asian Garden Mall in Little Saigon during the Special Election."

Does Assemblyman Van Tran know that you're giving kudos to someone else other than Van? Didn't he actually organize the governor's rally?

Also, is there any proof that she actually recruited precinct captains and walked herself in Garden Grove? No REAL republicans in GG have ever heard of her until now.

Dear "brock in anaheim"

Call me at 714-476-2586 or email me at [email protected]

Barrett Tetlow

Jack Wu

Hey Brock,

As far as the Governor's rally, Van worked with a good core of people (Dina, me and Barrett included, along with many more) very hard. We met as a group numerous times and then ran a very successful 2 hour program. Please don't discount her work on this one because you weren't there.


Roland Chi

Dina has sat on the Neighborhood Improvement and Conservation Committee since January 2003. You can see all city commissioners, who they were appointed by, and when they were appointed on the Central Garden Grove Neighborhood Association website at:


To sit on a neighborhood improvement commission it is safe to say one has the relationships with neighbors and knowledge of his or her local neighborhood to be even considered for an appointment. Being effective as a commissioner, which she is, requires intimate knowledge of the community. Having been appointed in 2003 one would reasonably assume that she did in fact live in her home for a considerable amount of time before her appointment. A house bought in 2000 is not a stretch.

Ken is right on with his analysis of the planning commissioner appointment process.

Finally, wow... this posting has turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated... Having been in the supermarket business directly and indirectly for years and as someone who absolutely abhors the word "union," I have asked Dina about Wal Mart and she is for it.

Roland Chi
Planning Commissioner, City of Garden Grove

voter anne

"I have asked Dina about Wal Mart and she is for it."

Then we shall support her. I just think it'd be a laugh riot if she wins, votes against Wal-Mart, and then we all end up with egg on our face.

Dave Swanson

Barrett, don't be expecting a call from Brock anytime soon, rumor has it, its really Ryan Gene Williams

We know its you!

Dave is right:

Brock in Anaheim is the name RGW uses when he wants to let out his real, unRepublican beliefs.

ryan gene


a rumor is just a rumor... nothing more.

I saw the comment with Barrett's number on it and I talked to him about the Dina thing.

The Wal-Mart issue concerns me to no end. I want it in Garden Grove, it would be a huge cash cow for the city.

I'd love to talk to Ken and others about it as well. I'm sure they'll be at Central Committee tonight. If not, give me a call at 949-400-1435.

We know its you!

"I saw the comment..."

Nice try, Ryan Gene!

Art Pedroza

I found information indicating that Dina is forty years old - tell us Ken - how many of those years has she been registered as a Republican?

Secondly, you say that she has supported the Wal Mart in Garden Grove - do we have that in writing?

Also, I can see why Mark Rosen would want to replace the lefty he had on the Planning Commission - but is the the only reason he reached out to Dina - besides her alleged GOP registration? I keep hearing that Rosen wants to team with Broadwater and Dina to stop the new Wal Mart.

BTW, Dina donated money to Janet Nguyen in 2005, per information I found online, and she used the Westminster address then too. Clearly she needs to step up and explain why she donated money to candidates in 2005 and 2006 using a Westminster address. This story about stolen mail sounds made up.

And Ken - who cares if she is pro-life and pro-guns - the question at hand has to do with selling out to unions. Everything else is a non-sequitur.

Before the OC GOP endorses Dina - let's make darn sure she is not a pro-union squish. That's not too much to ask, is it?

And why doesn't Dina have a website? What is she trying to hide? Who has endorsed her? Has she accepted any checks from unions? So many questions...

ryan gene

"Nice try, Ryan Gene!"

We know its you, I'll see you at Central Committee. Or maybe not, since I have no idea who YOU are.

Carol Rudat

There is nothing wrong at all with just moving to a city to run for city council. It doesn't matter how long you live there, its the quality you had in your home.


Of course thats not really Carol Rudat....she doesn't have the power on at her house


"I found information indicating that Dina is forty years old"

Well, Art, she looks pretty good for forty. Unless that picture you posted is kinda old.

Art Pedroza


I can't argue with that!

Is this the latest attempt by the OC GOP Central Committee to display it utter hypocrisy? Using this as the latest standard to determine who to support and who to reject as union toadies will only result in them becoming irrelevant in the county political sphere. Maybe there is a secret club where a few are overlooked in this latest issue now coming to the forefront of OC GOP implosion.

For example, it is no secret this blog is supporting Carolyn Cavecche in her bid to become mayor of Orange. Yet right here on this blog her being supported by her local fire and police unions is made clear to the casual reader.

Let’s move on to others. How about Todd Spitzer. Is he being supported by the GOP Central Committee? His endorsements list numerous union groups. Is he now going to be sent packing?

How about Pat Bates? Her endorsement lists AOCDS. Arguably one of the most powerful employee unions in the county.

Speaking of others. How about Mike Carona? Did my eyes deceive me? Or was that him in front of his deputies union extolling just how much he’s advocated on helping to increase the pay and benefits of his deputies.

Or Curt Pringle. Now that he is supported by both his firefighter and police unions, is he now persona non grata with the OC GOP?

If the goal of the Central Committee is to implode to the point where no one considers them a viable political force far be it from us outsiders to get in the way. I don’t know who the brainiac was who came up with this as an issue but it will only serve to push future citizens interested in serving their communities away from GOP priniciples since they will observe how some are allowed this issue while others are denied. Once it becomes clear a person can win without the Central Committee support what will be the incentive to be endorsed? And then it will be adios.

It will be the veritable train wreck? You know its going to be ugly. But you can’t look away until it finally happens.

For us engaged yet on the outside of this group looking in I say FULL SPEED AHEAD!!

Blue County

Way to go Heywood, just as we settle in to watch the OC Central Committee eat their young you go and tell them that is a party foul. Now what will we do for entertainment?

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