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September 18, 2006


Blog Junkie

I take back all of the encouraging words that I said about SmartVoter.org yesterday. Today Mr. Casabianca's bogus list of 2006 endorsements is back. So in reality, nothing was done. I noticed that a few names are not there any longer, so I guess their offices must have complained, but with widespread fraud like this, they need to shut down all of his pages, which when i checked their site yesterday looked like it was happening. Alas I was wrong (again) in thinking that someone had taken charge and was doing hte right thing.

Ear to the Ground

By reposting this bogus information in the face of widespread criticism, Casabianca is clearly engaging in intentional, fraudulent and deceptive campaign practices. The appropriate legal and political authorities need to step in NOW to protect the public.

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