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September 13, 2006


Kelley is clean

Here's the conclusion:

-“We saw no evidence that anyone at the OCROV office knowingly violated the law at any time in the recall process.”

-“We found nothing that would lead us to believe that the OCROV or his staff had any connections to, or showed any intentional favoritism to, the CUSD.”

-“In spite of the problems connected with this recall, we believe the election office is basically sound. There is good communication and morale and a definite desire to serve the voters well.”

Game, set, match.

ROV Kelley is as dirty as they come

The recall volunteers called it right after meeting with the "investigators" hired by Kelley's boss; they said "it's a whitewash". I said "let's wait and see". Knowing that they didn't even interview key witnesses, and having excluded key testimony from their report, I believe the recall proponents.

Kelley already admitted that what he did was illegal. He's hardly clean. Ditto for his boss Tom Mauk. Seems like it's "business as usual" at the county. Makes me want to move, so at least my vote will count.

Stop whining

Give me a break! The recall volunteers KNEW you had to a voters complete each recall petition themselves. A couple of signature gatherers screwed up and took the lazy path of completing the info themselves -- and now they blame the ROV.

The recall activists are good folks, but that was an amateur operation -- and it showed when so many petitions were invalidated.

Read the report. It's no whitewash. It just didn't conclude what you wanted it to.

Just a voter

"Game, set match"? What, voter disenfranchisement is a game now? How creepy is that? Who posted that anyway, Neal Kelley?

Stop whining

Give me another break! No one was disenfanchised. Petitions that were incorrectly completed were disqualified -- as the law requires!

cathy schlicht

As I have stated once before, Registrar Neal Kelley's mishandling of the CUSD recall effort was a threat to the integrity of the electoral process, and excusing improper behavior undermines election integrity which is a direct threat to democracy. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

From the Wikipedia:

"Ignorantia juris non excusat or Ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for "ignorance of the law is no excuse") is a public policy holding that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law merely because he or she was unaware of its content; that is, persons have presumed knowledge of the law."



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