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September 30, 2006


Rudat spins out of control...again..and again...

I think Carol is losing it and there is still month to go...relax Carlol...tell the truth...and stop listening to your handlers...what you are doing now is not working well for you.

Mike Randall

Nothing is truly "off the record" when speaking to the press.

Mark Bucher

Tip to reporters talking to Rudat - Ask her if she has ever been fined and required to take an ethics training class for violating the Realtors code of ethics. If she says no, call me - I have a great story for you.

Rupert the Swan

Rupert the Swan was building a nest in Orange but did not move into it until after the filing deadline, and just before his untimely death. Had he filed to run for Orange City Council and not been run over by one of Sheriff Corona’s finest, would the D.A. have prosecuted Rupert? I think not! Rupert sounds a lot like Rudat to me!

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