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September 29, 2006


It keeps getting better

Ok so she won't directly answer the question, she is avoiding everybody, she attacks others...

enough is enough..Rudat you don't live in Orange, you don't have my vote.

And for god's sake will somebody file with the DA's office to have her investigated!

Sure Carol! That's the ticket!

Carol is trying desperately to get the dogs to track some other scent but the stink in her direction is too strong. There are 11 candidates in the race Carol, are they all out to get ya? Didn’t the whole “I am woman, watch me roar” thing go out of style about 1977? I’ve seen lots of very positive campaign mail being walked in my neighborhood from some of the other candidates who seem more focused on issues than Carol. And wasn’t her husband the city manager when the trash scandal sent people to prison? Let’s talk about that Carol if you want to talk about past problems! And what’s this about don’t email me at this address stuff? You are a candidate Carol and you think you want to be a Councilmember. I don’t know how they do it in Newport Beach but in Orange our councilmembers let us contact them any way we want.

Concerned for Orange

Carole should be running in Newport, the city where she LIVES, her and Leslie Daigle could have ran together. They both think they are above everyone else. Well Carole and Leslie, let the voters decide if your tactics will work.

It is odd that Carole would send such a nasty e-mail to a reporter - I would hate to see how she would respond to a resident who has a question about an issue. Why did she not learn from the mistakes of her husband on how to treat the media.

Guess the saying is true, the past will catch up to you Carole. Watch out for all those "men" - they can play the game better than you!

Paul Lucas


I am a born and raised City of Orange Native. My mom was born in Orange and her mom was born in Orange.
As for the carpet bagging by Carol Rudat I find it trite that her credentials for running include owning property, and her husband being the ex-city Manager. To leave a city for the ocean spray kissed cliffs of CDM only to return later to run for city council is pure selfish self-promotion in pursuit of power.
On that note, I want to urge you all, and especially Matt Cunningham to show the same outrage for other under the radar carpet baggers in Orange County; Lynn Daucher and Van Thai Tran.
Allow me to elaborate:

Fact: Van Thai Tran jumped into the City Council race before even finishing one term as a planning commissioner.

Fact: Tran ran for State Assembly before even finishing one term in the City Council.


Fact: Tran purchased a home in Elk Grove, a Sacramento Suburb using the elaborate $153 a day, (That’s seven days a week) per diem allowance he receives in order to facilitate his living in the district while his housing is covered by that per diem.

Fact: Tran is, BY LAW, required to pay taxes on that per diem due to his "Primary Residence" being within the 100-mile radius of the capitol. He has yet to produce documentation showing that he does pay that tax on a per diem, which is higher than most people’s annual salary.

Fact: Tran re-registered his voting address no less than 3 times in the first months of 2006, in order to run for the 34th Senate District.

Fact: The resident at the last address he registered at is a life long Democrat and has denied even knowing who Van Tran is. Let alone his residing in that home.


Fact: This Carpet Bagging, and his wife’s NINE Felony CHARGE arrest just months after donating the maximum allowable amount to his first Assembly Campaign prompted Dick Ackerman to yank him out of the 34th Senate Race to replace him with another carpet bagger Lynn Daucher who lives in Brea!!

Fact: Lynn Daucher is a carpetbagger. She does not live in the 34th Senate District. Renting an apartment in the district in order to qualify for the ballot does not a resident make.


Fact: Tom Umberg did the same thing as Lynn Daucher, which is equally wrong.

Fact: Lou Correa is born and raised and lives in the 34th senate District.

With this list above, my premise is this; why do you put so much heat on Carol Rudat for carpet Bagging and not share the same repulsion for Van Thai Tran or Lynn Daucher? I believe in public discourse but when you focus your energies in such an uneven handed manner, you are negligent and should be reprimanded and you credibility called into question.

I believe that Bruce McPherson should disqualify Daucher, Tran and Rudat in equal measure to ensure justice and equal protection (and prosecution) under the law.




You are on the verge of becoming a comment spammer. Stop posting the same bloody comment on every Carol Rudat post, or I'm going to start deleting them.

I think everyone gets your point, whether we agree with it or not (and I do not).

Could you please explain, Matt/Jubal, why you disagree with Paul on the issue of residency with respect to Tran and Daucher?
I'd sure like to know if you can produce any proof that they do live in the districts they currently or hope to represent.
And aren't you the one who reminds us regularly to examine the message without attacking the messenger?

pual...we get it...enough

am with you, I am tired of reading the same post by Paul...if he post at least give us something to read...I go right past your post now.

Paul Lucas


Jubal, and others, duly noted that you may be tiring of my reposting of the same comment. My main reasoning for doing this is to drive home the point that your columns are selective and not "Fair or Balanced".

So why is it that you don’t agree that Thai Van Tran and Lynn Daucher are carpet bagging? You know good and well that neither of them live or are from the district they represent?


Thai Van Tran being raised in Michigan after being evacuated from Saigon (Thai Van Tran often claims to have entered the USA "The legal Way".
And Lynn Daucher is from North Orange County. A Real Tea and Crumpets lady running in a tacqueria district!


I think that as a member of the media you should stand by the strength of your convictions and express your distaste of carpetbaggers in an even handed manner.
In addition to this, had it been Lou Correa's wife or Lynn Dauchers husband that was arrested on Nine Felony Charges of running an Insurance Fraud Operation (LA Times June 25, 2006, you would be having puppies trying to post new angles on the subject every day, several times a day as you are doing with Carol Rudat.


How is it that you can tolerate the type of carpet bagging being exhibited by Lynn and Van? For gods sake man! Tran takes a per diem that is more than the average person’s salary in the district he "represents" and he used that money to buy several properties in the Sacramento Suburbs! He is supposed to use that money to pay for an apartment near the capitol and travel back to OC to LIVE HERE! He has not produced any proof that he pays taxes on that per diem which is The LAW for Assemblymen who live within 100 miles of the Capitol, nor has he produced (to my knowledge) any proof that he has donated the large pay raise he voted for to the unnamed Charity he spoke of in May of this year.
Where is your outrage Matt? Surely this is at least as repugnant as the actions of Carol Rudat? Wouldn’t you agree? Or do you disagree? I want to know where you stand on that.

Although you are the mediator of this particular blog, this has become over time quite the public forum. And as such should head the same mantra that "you are a role model" whether you like it or not. This being the perennial criticism of gangster rap artists, and basketball player’s gone wild flavor.


Paul Lucas



Matt, I just looked at the Poizner link you have on your webpage here. (See the above link to Steve’s site)
You know that one that flashes "Stop Insurance Fraud" I looked at the list of endorsements on his page and guess who I found on the list near the bottom? You guessed Van Tran. How can we have faith in Poizners ability to fight insurance fraud if he is getting endorsed by a man who took money from a woman who just two months later would be arrested for nine felony counts of Insurance Fraud, after a two year investigation by the Insurance Commissioners office?



my business in orange

Hi, I owe the strip mall and parking lot off Chapman and Hewes. I have called the City of Orange to have signs removed as well. If you read this "blog" i would encourage carol and all candidate's to clear the signs.

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