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September 22, 2006


Paul Lucas


Does anyone else find it ironic that Tran is hosting a forum on crime when he is married to a criminal himself? Has any money from his public funded budget been spent on this? Or is it all paid for out of his campaign fund? Also, who paid for the pancake breakfast on September 2nd? And while we are on the subject of public monies being spent for campaigns, has Tran donated the pay raise he got? In May of this year he protested the pay raise he got along with other legislators and vowed to donate the pay raise to an unnamed non-profit. Has he done this yet?

While on that subject, does Tran pay taxes on the $153 a day per diem, 7 days a week he receives in order to pay for housing and travel back to the district? It’s no secret that Tran has bought a house in Elk Grove since becoming an Assemblyman. What is not widely known is that those Assemblymen who live within 100 miles of Sacramento are supposed to pay taxes on that per diem they receive which is more than the average constituent’s annual salary.

I think the public needs to be protected from our own elected officials who jdut dont represnt us here in the district.


Katrina Foley

I attended the town hall meeting. The panelists were very informative, most especially our own Costa Mesa Police representative. He was the only one to provide a power point presentation. It was the same presentation given at my request at a prior Costa Mesa City Council meeting which identifed the number of sex offenders and what hotels they are released to in our city. What has never been answered for me, our city council, and our residents, is why a city like Newport Beach has 0 registered sex offenders released into its city, yet we have hundreds. While of course I don't wish any city have to deal with this public safety problem, I do think that the State needs to address the fact that a disproportionate number registered sex offender parolees are released to certain cities and not others. Our city is working well with the Department of Corrections to reduce the number of parolees released here, but more work is needed.

The other item that needs to be addressed immediately is that oddly, the restrictions as to where a registered sex offender can be in relation to schools only includes K-12, not pre-school or day care. That code must be changed immediately to include every location where pre-schools or day cares are located, including where they operate on college campuses, churches, and office and government buildings.

I hope Assemblyman Tran does something to address these issues for Costa Mesa. I know I will keep bring them up until they are resolved.
Katrina Foley, Costa Mesa City Council

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