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August 31, 2006



If this is such a hot idea, then why not apply it to cities, too? Why have personnel directors and city managers oversee negotiations with all their pals? Why not have a disinterested party do it, one chosen directly by the council, not by staff?

Wait! That IS a good idea!


One thing is for sure if a law firm is chosen. Negotiations will be stalled until the monies allocated for settlement discussions has spent completely spent.

I doubt anyone is going to give an open ended contract to someone who bills by the hour.


so, what part of contracting out to "someone removed from the culture of government" solve the problem? What is the problem you are solving?

"The supervisors would hired them to seek certain deal points, obtain concessions, and hopefully secure the best package for the taxpayers, but one also fair to the employees" is not what they do now and with someone they have full choice of appointment/dismissal with?

Why do those who have no clue believe the solution to problems they do no understand is to bring in staff as dumb, uninformed, and have no steak in the venture (who's sole goal is get their on contract renewed and at a higher rate and for more power, with which they can get a better contract at a higher rate... Ad infinitum) as the ones who want them brought in?

Contract employees have a role, limited and to the point, and if it needs explaining to you there is not enough time, or paper in the world to make you understand or believe.

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