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August 31, 2006


Reality Check

Sounds like we know how THAT race is going to go...

Glaab (has he ever won a race in OC other than his own) and Dykema (his name on your 460 can be the kiss of death in races below Governor)are two gentlemen I am in the one hand glad to see are still aroud and have yet to burn out on OC politics.

But since both men have a historical track record of bringing candidates to throw their hats into exciting races, often times the "POWER & GLORY" of groups Dykema associates with NEVER appears = they LOSE big.

It is unfortunate, but I can name off some infamous races dating back that we all can recognize...

-The $490k spent to take out Tom Fuentes
-Cristi Cristich $2.1 mm spent to be beat by Chuck by 20+ pts.
-Otto Bade back in 2004
-Alexandria Coronado -enough said
-Diane Harkey --enough said
-Rosario Marin -- we all got jacked on that one...

My point is, if a True Blue Power Broker like Doy Henley held a fundraiser for a Santa Ana candidate, then we would know that person was an 'R'. And he would win...

In this case, it looks like the "Ususal Suspects" of the Die-Hard Dale Dykema supporters once again delievered empty promises only Tino must have got wise and figured out his best bet is to go to the Dems (Unions, Latino groups & average folk who care+ will walk) if he has a hope of winning the race.

In short, Tino waffled tooo long hoping the GOP-types would deliver (never have done squat in last 10 years)to help a City Council candidate. ***Bustamante was elected on his own juice, the Fools jumped on him AFTER he was already elected***

Tino- Move to another Ward and try next time buddy...as a DEM!!!

Michele Martinez 4 City Coucil=Big Mistake

Michele for City Council?? I hope that residents of Santa Ana do not make that mistake. Ms. Martinez is a puppet led by puppeteers that will not be mentioned at this time. Every time I have had the opportunity to hear her speak, it has been a catastrophe!!! Her inability to articulate herself is comical mixed with her ability to read a speech directly from index cards during a candidate forum. I guess the best part is how she supposedly stands for putting education first when all of her mailers have included fragmented sentences and misspelled words. Looks like someone should proofread her mailers as well as her index card made speeches. Tish seems to have a better idea on how we need to improve things.

The Committee That Will Not Elect Michele Martinez

I can agree with that statement to the 10th degree. I strong believe that she should run as the Original Mike's Spokeswoman or as Alfredo Amezcua's Personal Assistant. Michele should focus on making a "positive" name for herself in this community rather than trying to put out fires that she has no business trying to fix. While taking my kids to the Santa Ana Youth Expo, I ran into Michele Martinez and to my surprise I found out that she is supposedly the Executive Director of an Education Foundation based in Santa Ana. Later that day I went home I did my research. That Non-Profit Organization does not exist. I would really like to know who put Ms. Martinez in charge of an education foundation knowing that she has a reputation for "socializing" rather than "promoting education."

Anon Y Mous

That girl...and i do mean girl trapped in a old ladies body is tacky!!!

7th street

What are Santa Ana residents thinking?

A F trooper on the city council (yes, she was or is a gang member) who quotes Tupak Shakur!

What is Santa Ana coming to?

Dont be surprised if a Santanita gangsta runs for Congress!

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