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August 30, 2006


Alex Brant-Zawadzki

That's all well and good, Chuck, but problems arise when you look at the amount of money pharmaceutical companies spend on protecting their precious patent exclusivity.
Some of what we pay for drugs goes towards intricate campaigns to keep those drugs as expensive as possible and surpress generic counterparts.
Drug companies have gone so far as to claim in court that certain drug-specific endogenous compounds - molecules produced inside our bodies as our systems react to ingested substances - are technically patentable products of the respective drug company.
In that case, aren't we technically employees, and as such due compensation?
No. That's ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as the pharmaceutical companies taking our money and using it to maintain their monopolies on medications.
In Britain, my prescriptions were free. Here it's hundreds of dollars a month.

Chuck DeVore


"In Britain, my prescriptions were free."

No they weren't. Someone paid for them.

Chuck DeVore
State Assembly, 70th District

Gustavo Arellano

I always thought it was "TINSTAAFL." But now I know!

Chuck DeVore

Probably because the AP Style Guide and your English teacher wouldn't allow the use of the word "ain't."

Gustavo, that just shows the rest of us how well educated you are -- except in classic science fiction literature...

(Posted from the lethargically chaotic floor of the Assembly at 9:49 p.m.)

tag your it

"In Britain, my prescriptions were free. Here it's hundreds of dollars a month."


In Britain they were paid for by people who actually went to work and did not post to the internet all day.

Jeff Flint


Great work.

Seeing how the voters decisively rejected Prop. 79 on the ballot last fall - the only position endorsed by Governor Schwarzenegger last fall where his position won - I don't see the politics of giving in on this.


the serrach

i'm still enjoying picturing fans of heinlein.

heh heh.

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