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August 08, 2006


One Who Knows

Cogan's arguments are completely disingenuous. There are no "special election" costs with regard to a referendum unless the City chooses to put the matter before the voters at a special election. Otherwise, the vote will be held in conjunction with the "next regularly scheduled municipal election."

And, why would Cogan, who is opposed to the referendum, fret about the cost of signatures going up? I would think someone opposed to the referendum would be pleased that the proponents costs were rising. What an idiot.

As for blasting Probolsky, my experience is that when your opposition starts attacking your campaign staff, the election is over! You've won.

David Zenger

Jubal, I think your first link is to the original editorial, not Cogan's response (which is linked by Probolsky on the Flash Report).

Coincidentally, some of the good folks in the unincorporated North Tustin area are now pushing for a Zone Code Amendment that would limit houses in their neighborhood to 19' - with no part of a window above 8' off the ground. This is being reviewed by the County Planning Commission tomorrow and should prove interesting.



Fixed -- thanks for the heads up.

You go Adam!!


If Cogan is opposed to people looking at him in his bathroom why did he pose for the picture? Y? Because he likes it... Thats the real story here...


Cogan's "view" deck is a monstrosity and should qualify as a second story. Man it is fugly.

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