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August 31, 2006


CUSD Constituent


Today is Superintendent Fleming's last day at CUSD.

Click on the picture of Fleming in the Register article to see the photo enlarged. What is that he is holding in his hand?

Looks like a pink slip to me!

Superintendent Fleming was forced to retire in disgrace. I'm proud to have been one of the hundreds of volunteers who helped make this day a reality. Fleming was truly an evil dishonest person and I hope the District Attorney throws him in jail for his numerous offenses.

CUSD Observer

Don't let the door hit you from behind as you're leaving Jimbo!!!

Fair Reporting

In fact, the LA Time and OCR articles linked here today about the Prop 209 lawsuit are incomplete and misleading. Judge Andler did rule CUSD's attendance policy did not violate Prop 209 on its face, but also ruled that the actual new Attendance Boundary Plan adopted by the Board of Trustees at Superintendant Fleming's direction in the Spring of 2005 did violate Prop 209. Specifically, Judge Andler ruled (bottom of page 2 and top of page 3 of the ruling):

"On its face, the Plan violates Section 31. “School Attendance Boundaries: 2010 and Beyond Revised, Superintendent’s Recommendation, March 28, 2005,” on its face, utilizes race in developing attendance boundaries for the high schools within its district in order to achieve racial balance within the schools. The “general guiding principle” that no school shall have a “minority” population greater than 35% limits the number of positions available at each high school for members of different ethnicities, effectively discriminating based on race. This is in direct contravention of the state constitution as amended by Proposition 209."

A trial is set for October 30 to determine what remedial action the court ought to take.

A more accurate headline whould read: "CUSD Attendance Boundary Plan Unconstitutionally Considers Race"

So much for the journalistic integrity and neutrality.

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