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August 29, 2006



I imagine if this was an added lane to the 55, 73, or 405 fwy this would be a "justified expense." North county is just as much a part of OC as any other.
The fact is the 22 SUCKS just as bad as any other freeway during rush-hour. You build up to meet future demand, not to put a band-aid on current problems.
Oh and carpool lanes not being used so they shouldn't be there? Thats like saying you don't use libraries so they shouldn't be there. There's a public good that soumetimes outweighs a definate economic + or -.


Carpool lanes do work, though. Sometimes too well, as anyone who's been stuck in traffic at the carpool connectors at the Orange Crush knows. Ultimately, they should be phased towards High Occupancy Toll lanes like the 91 Express Lanes so that the lanes can pay for themselves.


Marx presents great argument against the HOV lame extention: "There's a public good that soumetimes (sic) outweighs a definate (sic) economic + or -"


Correction- I meant "Mark", not "Marx". Silly me.


Correction II- I meant "lane", not "lame". Oops.


From the looks of things, that 22 fwy job is probably 6 months behind schedule. It didn't
"open" on Dec 1, in fact, it is worse than it's ever been. As of today, the W/B section
between the 55 & 5 is necked down to two lanes, the E/B section in the orange crush is necked down to two lanes, the connector to the S/B 5 is dangerous due to the need to cross over on coming traffic from an onramp. The whole W/B area past Magnolia is still under major construction. NO PLACE along the entire freeway is there more than 3 operating lanes of traffic.
And now, Mr Rick Grebner claims that it's all the fault of the contractor & all the problems are a surprise to him. Perhaps Grebner should have actually driven the thing like the rest of us poor souls for the last 2+ years. He might have noticed the lack of progress and endless do-overs that we have witnessed every day of the week.
BTW, the concrete work on the new overpasses
seems extremely rough and shoddy. I wouldn't be surprised if they have to tear it all out
and do it again.

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