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August 30, 2006


Agree, but wrong pick.

I agree that Fleishman's been on this site for a long time. But it's pretty obvious to me that he is Silence Dogood.


I think he's Roscoe and Probolsky is El Pistolero.

Roscoe C.

Actually I am the love child of three OC Blogers. Not sure which ones though. Are you my mommy?

Who Cares?

Does it really matter? Hate to say this Jon. But your commentaries aren't all that great.

I go to other websites when I want worthwhile perspective.

the serrach

now THAT's a nice warm ocblog welcome.

Silence Dogood

I am not Jon Fleischman.

I am not Chuck DeVore.



I am happy to see you joining the Blogpen. As I am happy to see so many joining. Diverse opinions and views help the OC Blog grow in reputation and knowledge. I also love the Flashreport. Read it every day. I hope that the OC Blog can continue to be Orange County's top source of political juice.



Art Pedroza

Why don't you guys just get rid of the anonymous blogger identities altogether? It is a tired concept.

Good luck Jon - wait until Karen starts responding to your posts!


Thanks for your input, Art.

Not that we asked for it.


As for the anonymous Fleischman-hater: off to the Village of the Banned with you. You have violated the "no personal attacks" policy countless times, and I'm tired of having to continually delete your puerile, functionally illiterate comments.

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