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August 31, 2006


Lt G's race


Could you detail how Garamendi has been a walking disaster?

or is this just your self admitted bias since John is a Dem?

Jon Fleischman

Here are a few choice items on Garamendi:

* The disastrous take over and liquidation of Executive Life

* 25% vacancy rate in the DCI's fraud division (while doubling his PR staff)

* It takes on average 18 months for companies to get a decision on licenses, rates or products. (Note: no company can change their rates without a decision from DCI.)

* The department's "ambush" mentality in dealing with the regulated community, creating a hostile environment which drives out insurance companies and thus, competiiton (bad for consumers)

That's enough for now...

Lt G's race


You are long on accusations and generalities. Short on details.

Point by point:

1. Garamendi opponents claim the Executive Life deal was a disaster. Yet they offer no rationale or proof anyone could have negotiated a better deal. Given the last GOP to be IC had to resign in disgrace, we know he would not have been the savior in that issue either.

2. How many individuals are involved in the percentages you throw out? Increasing the PR staff from one to two people would be doubling. How many positions are 25% of the DOI's fraud division? Could it be there aren't that many qualified individuals for the job? Is this something Poizner has pledged to rectify?

3. Given how insurance companies have pushed legislation requiring consumers to buy their products this is the reaction to that action of 'free' market interference. And given how the price of their products rarely decrease this is a good thing for consumers who live in the state.

4. Would filling those 25% vacant slots cease the 'ambush' mentality? Describe what you mean by that. Isn't this the best way to insure that compliance is taking place. Companies that are leaving the state would only do so because they do not wish to comply with law. Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing? Would it be better to announce an inspecting individual is coming? Thereby ensuring the offending company or individual would put forth a facade.

Your points only clarify that Garamendi is doing a good job. Given his record of winning statewide elections (vs McClintock's) I'm thinking he'll be the next LG. But hey. If his GOP supporters want to throw money down the drain, who am I to say they shouldn't.

McClintock's best opportunity to remain in public office will come when Gallegy finally retires. Then Tom can continue riding the taxpayer gravy train (which he claims to abhor) for the rest of his life since that is all he has ever done, and there are no term limits in federal office.

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