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July 05, 2006




There is no money coming from the current Measure M for the OC Crusier and likely no money at all from OCTA at this point. The renewed Measure M plan may supply some funds if it was passed and if ccertain criteria were met. Your best bet is to contact OCTA -- either Monte Ward or Dave Simpson. The Cruiser idea is very cool by the way.


As part of our follow up Securities Fraud we want you to be aware of the following site in relation to the poster: http://www.securitiesfraud.org/mitch_morrison.htm

Morrison who also claims to be an author and to have worked as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation could not be reached for comment. Barry L. Silver, of Los Angeles, CA, who according to Yahoo! Finance is the attorney for the public company EFOODSAFETY.COM INC (OTC BB:EFSF.OB), drafted the legal action, which was filed on behalf of Morrison, also could not be reached for comment. According to information on file with the State Bar of California, Barry Lee Silver, CA Bar # 94862, has an active bar license, however, has a disciplinary record, which states: “Discipline w/actual suspension”, having his “Status changed to: Not Entitled”, (a temporary disbarment) Case Number: 95-O-12059, in the late 1990’s.



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