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July 08, 2006


And you would be correct. There is no primary in the Charter. A plurality takes it. Soooo....a couple of GOP's like Bustamante, Nguyen, and others jump in and split the vote. And a dem could take it with less than 5000 votes.

Art Pedroza

My sources tell me that Dunn is going to run for this seat. If he does, the seat will be is.

To use a baseball analogy, Dunn is the NY Yankees compared to minor league candidates like Bustamante and Nguyen. Yes, he lost his latest campaign, for statewide office, but I don't see him faltering in central O.C.

I am no fan of Dunn and his trial lawyer buddies, but I just cannot think of any Republican who could even hope to compete with him. That is too bad.

Thanks Measure V

The purpose of changing the county to a charter was done to ensure Campbell and Spitzer could do a job swap. The fear at the time was a Dem Governor would appoint someone not in favor with the local establishment. The plan worked and Todd and Bill have skated into easy re-election campaigns. Now that a GOP is Governor there is a real possibility that another Dem will hold that seat. Unless something can be done to undo the charter provisions required by Measure V allowing the old process to be reinstated.


I posted on the what goes around comes around result of Measure V some time ago. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that some folks want to change the election rules every time it suits their interests.

Will the real Bladerunner please stand up

Could you be Mike Farber???

is it even a secret anymore that bladerunner is george urch?

Unfortunately, Art looks correct on this one. Add to his comments about Dunn and his money is the fact that the GOP 'frontrunner' Bustamante looks like he's out for himself more than any GOP ideals. Why would he back Daucher and immediately declare himself a candidate for Sup? Doesn't his strong endorsement put her over Correa? Or will his towing the democrat Pulido line come back to bite him? This is Dunn's seat if he wants it.

George Urch is a nice guy!

I guess it could be George. He's a great guy.

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