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July 05, 2006


Victory for Probalsky/Bieber

Great campaign victory for Probalsky/Bieber...They are the best!

The good citizens of Stanton had nothing to do with the repeal of 901. It accomplished by rich special interest groups who all benefited financially. It did have a price however. First, it scared the elderly mobile home residents and those apartment residents on fixed incomes by threatening an imaginary tax and home invasion. The City of Stanton has no inspection control over mobile homes or apartments so they could not even enter the mobile home park itself. It cost the Pacific West Realtors and the Apartment Association of Orange County over $100,000 dollars paid to campaign consultants such as Adam Probolsky and his cohorts in crime. Since they could not collect enough signatures by hiring skid row collectors, Probosky had to go the more expensive route of calling each party and scaring them and then send someone out to get the individual signature at each residence, true democracy at work. By the way, Stanton had no fee for the inspection of single-family homes. The Apartment Association of Orange County never ceases to amaze me with their political funding. They contributed money against 901 while they continued to develop their own inspection laws for apartments countywide. What a bunch of hypocrites. They donated $12,000 to the YOUNG REPUBLICANS FOR FREEDOM who used it to fund a Tran Van mailer for John Moorlach for Supervisor. The money trail is there and I hope they disclose. What a self-serving group the AAOC is and no wonder Matt Petteruto will make it big as an advisor in the Orange County Board System. Win at all costs Baby! Anyway back to Stanton, there are about 50 homes sold a year in the city, it cost the PWR about $2,000 a sale to repeal 901. What a bargain. Hope the PWR Board supports that kind of investment. The lesson learned is simple. If you are devious enough and have the money you can buy a small town and own it if you want.

Probolsky and Bieber are my Heros!

If Mr./Ms. Anon 7:24am wants Big Gov inspecting his house so be it but I for one think Adam Probolsky is a great American! Without Adam and patriots like him, the Gov. would tax us to death. On behalf of all Americans, especially those still living in Stanton, I salute you Adam Probolsky!!!

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