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July 31, 2006


Come on Jubal. You can stop polishing their apple. Measure M would pass regardless of who runs it. It is nothing more than continuing what we have all gotten used to. The County has done a fair job of mixing local funds with state funds and improving some of the worst traffic jams in the nation.

Hiring these consultants is more about hiring your friends and political consultants to do county work so the Board of Sups doesn’t have to pay them so much for their campaigns in the future.

Allan Bartlett

It's going to be real hard for them to package up this turd that is Measure M. I wish them the best of luck. Their timing is horrible though. We have all these massive new state spending props on the ballot at the same time. Voters like myself are fed up with these massive new bond measures and we're going to vote NO on everything, including Measure M to send a message that the politicians don't seem to be receiving to well. Get the spending under control. Measure M may have a little merit, but not enough to make me vote yes. I hate to keep harping on it, but we're not under taxed here in the state. In fact most would say it's the opposite. Why don't we tax the hell out of the remittances the illegal aliens are sending back home before we ask OC citizens to pony up more hard earned dollars.

Powder Blue Report

Bruce Matthias

Great analysis and a timely post. Thanks Jubal. You missed one point, though. This also offers all the alums of John's staff another opportunity to kid him about trying to raise our taxes. The entertainment value of our elections just seems to have no end.


Come on Jubal. You can stop polishing their apple. Measure M would pass regardless of who runs it.

OK, genius -- exactly how to you propose to get 67% of OC voters to support an initiative that only passed (on the thrid attempt) in 1990 with 54%? Because we all know how much OC voters love taxes.

But hey -- keep your comments coming!

Commentor 1 (Anon 10:24): Measure M would pass regardless of who runs it.

Commentor 2 (Alan Bartlett): t's going to be real hard for them to package up this turd that is Measure M.

Such extremes. Based on Alan's past performance in picking political winners, I'll guess that #1 is more accurate. Hopefully he's better at picking commodities.


Ah! So that's why Jeff Flint was posting positive spin for Measure M on OC Blog a while back.

The question (theoretical at this point) is whether an influx of conservatism on the campaign team could somehow ultimtely translate into more accountability from an agency that is large and has been perceived as rather arrogant. To me it seems like a pretty tenuous hope; but who knows?


Simple Jubal, the argument for tells them they either vote for it or they go back to gridlock.

No one wants more taxes but most of us know that without them we won't have the quality of life we currently have. And whether you believe it or not Jeff Flint and John Lewis had nothing to do with securing our lifestyle. They are much like the little fish that swim around sharks hoping for a piece of fish in exchange for cleaning the sharks’ gills.

Allan Bartlett

"the argument for tells them they either vote for it or they go back to gridlock"

Like it's not gridlocked right now out there. That's really funny. I guess it's just the degree of gridlock your arguing for. Do I want to vote against it and go five miles an hour or do I vote for it and go ten miles an hour during rush hour? Interesting argument. How about if we could get the illegals to have a perpetual boycott of driving around like they did a few months ago. That was one of the best traffic days I can remember. Everything was flowing freely in all directions.

As far as picking winners, I could really care less about my track record. I am not providing a handicapping service here. I vote for who I feel will best represent my political philosophy. I know some people don't have much of a chance that I endorse, but I don't care. I do however care about my recommendations for my clients. If you go back and read my blog, look at all the posts I have done about telling people to buy gold & silver. It speaks for itself. Our economy is headed for a train wreck in the near future with all this debt we are piling up. The Fed no longer cares about fighting inflation and our fiat currency is about to plunge to new lows. Tangible assets will be the key going forward from here.

Powder Blue Report

OCR is a joke

Allan. I'm beginning to think you're a glass is half empty kind of guy. When we get rid of the current administration we'll get back to some type of fiscal sanity. Something conservatives have clearly shown they are incapable of doing.

Allan Bartlett

Until we get back to a sound monetary system, i.e. preferably a gold standard or some other commodity backed monetary system, I don't hold out hope for much if any fiscal sanity from either party. It will be a lot harder to waste money on war, service the welfare state, and deficit spend with a gold standard in place. Fiat money systems have failed every time they're tried. Read your history books.

If you think the handing control to the dems is the answer then I'm afraid you need to go back and check what happened the last time they were in power nationally.

Powder Blue Report

OCR is a joke

Well Allan, what I do remember when we had a Dem president and GOP congress conservatives were so bored with peace and prosperity they became obsessed with oral sex.

So yes, I do reminisce about the good old days in the 90's.

Hey there Vidkun

A fool's peace. You'd have fit right into 1930s France.


Measure M expires in 2011. If they don't pass it this time they have four more chances to pass it (primary and general elections in 2008 and 2010). It's not like this county will immediately plunge deep into gridlock if this fails. They can keep tweaking the formula until it passes. I am going to vote NO because they are spending too much money on Metrolink. Tweak the formula to put more money into bus service and local streets, and traffic signal synchronization, and I might be inclined to vote YES. Right now I think Measure M will get 50% of the vote, a decent amount but well short of the two thirds majority.

OCR is a joke

Hey Vidkun. How about showing us your crystal ball? All you have is a hypothetical. Which is nothing to support your claim.

Not sure about more taxes

Isn't there some kind of rule in the republican party that says no new taxes? Measure M isn't new but extending it is - so aren't all the "good republican" consultants and the board of supervisors who are most republicans violating a basic principle of the R party? Why hasn’t Scott Baugh or some other high-ranking R come out in opposition to Measure M?

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