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July 04, 2006


Shawn Fago

Leaving the issue of the flag aside for a moment...
Doesn’t it concern anyone that people who would burn a flag in public could possibly start a larger fire or injure someone? Isn’t this the reason most cities have outlawed fireworks? I personally believe that most people who run around lighting things on fire are irresponsible fools, especially the ones who would burn a flag.

Shawn Fago

Flag Waver

Why do you all hold so near and dear to your heart the "right" to burn our flag?

Because I believe in the 1st Ammendment. I also believe in the 2nd Ammendment. So I don't where you got the leap of logic I was advocating taking away your Right to Bear Arms. I don't own a gun. But I don't deny someone that right.

You see it as a slippery slope of the nation falling apart. So do I. Once this form of speech is restricted what is next? The ability to speak out against one's leadership when you believe they have erred? Then what? I find the whole issue both distracting and insidious. I believe in what the flag represents. Not the piece of cloth (probably made in China) itself.

Flag Waver

Shawn. That is why there are laws against arson. And those who burn the flag in public should be arrested accordingly.

It is also one of the reasons why most cities have outlawed fireworks.

Shawn Fago

Flag Waver,
That is great, accept I have never seen or heard of anyone being cited for arson when demonstrating in the streets and burning a flag. All I hear is ..."they are expressing their first amendment rights, isn’t that nice!".

Flag Waver

Shawn. The charge of arson is up to local authorities. Rarely is something that mundane as well covered as the act of burning a flag.

Shawn Fago

Flag Waver,
(Insert sarcastic undertone)Thank you for brilliant legal mind. I never considered that local municipalities had jurisdiction over such infractions. What would I do without you?

What I am saying is I have personally, physically, witnessed street demonstrations where there were a few separate instances of flag burning in public. There were police officers present who visually witnessed the event and nothing was done. In addition, I know for a fact that the demonstrators did not have a permit. When I began to make a stink about the issue I was rebuffed with "they are only demonstrating their first amendment rights."

the serrach


who cares? was it your flag? was your house in danger? were people hurt (i mean, aside from their feelings


who cares? is it your flag? who cares if burning flags hurts your feelings? and folks are welcome to use the "n" word anytime they please. it is not against the law. it's rude.. just as burning a flag can be considered rude.

ps i think shawn is making it up when he says he has witnessed flag burnings.

Flag Waver

Don't know what to tell you Shawn. Disillusionment with government institutions is sort of a right of passage.

Welcome to adulthood.

Boo Hoo

When Americans start doing our enemies' job for them, I find myself increasingly worried about the perseverance of our great nation.

Jose....boo hoo hoo hoo. Are you sure you're a conservative? Because you sure play the victim card like a liberal.


I'm ok with prohibiting burning of the flag. it's our national symbol. But the principles behind what the flag stands for just got burned to the ground by the Westminster School Board. And where was Janet when that flag burning went down?

the serrach

ahhh bladerunner hits on the key point. the PRINCIPLES that this nation was founded on which are being burned to the ground by the bush administration on a daily basis. this is what people should be up in arms about, not some symbol.

Shawn Fago

The Serrach,

Why would I make that up?

It took place in Washington DC during the last Presidential Inauguration. Approximately 20 protestors were 2-3 blocks off of the parade route. Many were wearing bandanas on their faces. They burned flags, beat drums and trash can lids, and carried Anarchy flags.

Riot police did nothing but watch these morons ignite small bon fires as they marched around...

If starting fires in the middle of the street is illegal, then why weren’t the demonstrators cited? Because they were practicing their first amendment rights? If you want to burn a flag, any flag, then do it on your own property so you don’t get your liberal juices on the rest of us who are just trying to get to the subway.

Shawn Fago a.k.a. Alleged Fantasy Story Teller

Luật Sư Trần Thái Văn Bà Lynn Daucher

California Legislature

Assistant Republican Leader

Sixty-Eighth District

Văn Phòng Dân Biểu Lynn Daucher và Trần Thái Văn trân trọng kính mời quý vị Thương gia và báo chí tham dự buổi họp báo của chúng tôi cùng Giáo sư Tiến Sĩ Nguyễn Quốc Khải, trình bầy và trả lời các khúc mắc về Hiệp Ðịnh Thương Mại giữa Hoa Kỳ và Việt Nam (US-VN WTO) vừa được ký kết ngày 31/05/06. Buổi họp báo được tổ chức như sau:

Thời gian: Thứ Sáu, ngày 07/07/2006 - Lúc 10:30 sáng

Địa điểm: Phòng hội - Nhà hàng La Veranda Restaurant

(Gần góc đường Brookhurst)

10131 Westminster Ave. # 114
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 539-3368

Mục đích: Giải thích về sự thiệt hại kinh tế của US-VN WTO đối với cộng đồng thương mại và truyền thông báo chí của cộng đồng Việt Nam tại hải ngoại liên quan đến các văn hóa phẩm, sách báo, sản phẩm âm nhạc của chúng ta.

Tường trình về những hoạt động, kế hoạch vận động Quốc Hội Hoa Kỳ đòi chính quyền Việt Nam công bằng để cho các sản phẩm nêu trên được nhập cảng tự do vào Việt Nam, cũng như các văn nghệ sĩ Việt tại hải ngoại khi về trình diễn tại Việt Nam được sự bảo vệ của Hiệp định US-VN WTO.

Việt Nam chỉ được chấp nhận vào Tổ Chức Mậu Dịch Thế Giới (WTO) sau khi thỏa mãn các điều kiện của Quốc Hội Hoa Kỳ.

Đây là cơ hội đặc biệt cho giới thương mại và truyền thông, báo chí tiếp xúc, đặt câu hỏi cho Dân Biểu Lynn Daucher, Dân Biểu Trần Thái Văn và Tiến Sĩ Nguyễn Quốc Khải, cố vấn đặc biệt cho Dân Biểu Trần Thái Văn về Hiệp Ðịnh US-VN WTO.

Sự tham dự, góp ý kiến, tiếp tay của quí vị nhằm đưa đến việc đòi hỏi công bằng về mậu dịch song phương giữa Việt Nam và Hoa Kỳ để bảo vệ quyền lợi của cộng đồng người Việt tại hải ngoại. Cần thêm chi tiết, xin liên lạc ông Diệp Miên Trường, điện thoại số (714) 600-7836.

Trân Trọng Kính Mời,

Luật Sư Trần Thái Văn Bà Lynn Daucher

Dân Biểu California, Địa Hạt 68 Dân Biểu California, Địa Hạt 72

Paul Lucas

I would like to know what Van Tran and Lynn Daucher plan to do in International Politics in relation to Vietnam's membership to the WTO? This is nothing more than a publicity stunt to play up to the Community in Little Saigon to aid Lynn Dauchers race for the 34th Senate and an opportunity for Van Tran to dodge publicity about his wife’s recent notoriety surrounding her arrest for Insurance Fraud. I hope the members of the community can see past this smoke screen.


"the PRINCIPLES that this nation was founded on which are being burned to the ground by the bush administration on a daily basis."

Please do elaborate as to which principals have been burned to the ground by Bush and just how YOU have suffered.

Janet should stop abtaining for everything that the council brings up. She should stop authorizing the city to study this or that issue(casino, ammusment center, etc..), which is a taxpayer waste. She should focus on why violent crime is up. She should focus on the city she lives in parttime and stop going on those political junkits.

the serrach

oh man, council watcher.. are you serious? you part of the 39%? here is a partial list. if you want details on any of these, please open a newspaper (even the reg in it's op-ed is hip to the facts).

they've illegally invaded a sovereign nation under false (to say the least) pretenses and changed their "reasons" every time the previous one is proved false
virtually ignored the people who actually plotted the WTC attack to do so (osama who?)
illegally invade the telephone and financial records of millions of americans
put together a list of new laws that dramatically increase the govt's rights to spy on me and.. get this.. called it the "patriot act"
they propose amending the constitution to actually REMOVE freedoms in at least two situations
accuse anyone who opposes their methods of being "with the terrorists"
created "free speech zones" around their political rally's and arrest anyone who protests outside those zones
they hold people indefinitely without charges just cus.. well they say so
create an atmosphere of fear and danger in order to sell their agenda
offered tax rebates to folks who purchase a hummer
referred to coal as "clean energy" .. ok, that one's just funny


"they've illegally invaded a sovereign nation"

Out of 535 members of congress,373 voted for your so called "illegal" invasion.

"virtually ignored the people who actually plotted the WTC attack"

Ignored the Tabiban you say?
Dead or captured:
Faraj Al Libbi-Al Qaeda #3
Abdur Rahman
Musab Al-Suri
Mohammed Atef
Mohamed Fadhil
Khalfan Ghailani
plus dozens of others.

"illegally invade the telephone and financial records of millions of americans"

Oh I'm scared now.
maybe they will see that you have sent all your cash calling 976 numbers

"put together a list of new laws that dramatically increase the govt's rights to spy on me and.. get this.. called it the "patriot act"

Again, Congress voted on this.You seem to forget about those 535 folks who are easily fooled by Bush.

"they propose amending the constitution to actually REMOVE freedoms in at least two situations"

One of them was co-sponsored by Hillary Clinton. Man, she must really hate America.

Blah blah blah....You are one paranoid guy.

But you still did not tell us how YOUR life has been affected.

The Truth Hurts

My first question for Mr. Asian Envy is: how small do you have to be to be envious of an Asian? Secondly - anybody is hard to beat when they are as good at voter fraud and money laundering as Van Tran. Of course, now that everyone from Senator Ackerman to the LA Times and the Attorney General have the dirt on him, it looks like Mr. Asian Envy is the only one who thinks Tran could actually be elected to anything ever again. Even Tran knows that - why else would he have chickened out of the Senate race?

And by the way - both Janet Nguyen and Van Tran look like complete idiots across from Mark Leyes on the Garden Grove City Council.

Mr. Asian Envy

"And by the way - both Janet Nguyen and Van Tran look like complete idiots across from Mark Leyes on the Garden Grove City Council."

Posted by: The Truth Hurts | July 05, 2006 at 05:04 PM

Watching Mark and his buddies in Garden Grove try to hang on to thier power as it slips away I am reminded of the British in India.

And watching Mr. Asian Envy try to spell and try to appear even semi-literate, reminds of a dog caught in a trap.

Get a grip, Mr. Envy. Or get a girlfriend.

Better still, just get a dictionary. Look up "envy" .... you may find your photo. I guess the truth really DOES hurt!

Comandante Agi

Restricting freedom to preserve freedom? Sounds awfully Orwellian to me.

Also, check out what other countries ban flag burning: Cuba, China, Iran, and Iraq (during Saddam’s reign). Those are bastions of democracy if I’ve ever seen them.

the serrach

hey, those 976 numbers rock!

the serrach

and yeah, congress has been cowed by these cows and i cant, other that watching their own carreers, figure out why. especially hillary clinton. she doesn't give two wits about anything other than her own career.


It's hilarious how both the far right and the far left hate Hillary Clinton. You think they're smoking out of the same pipe? Neither can handle that she is a successful politician who isn't afraid to try and reach out and build bridges. Like Bill did. She's far from perfect and in some ways overrated. But she will crush the leftist running against her in the Democratic primary and then crush the sacrificial lamb the Republicans will put up.

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