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June 30, 2006


This looks like a very solid slate of candidates -- intelligent, successful and professional. Fleming and the CUSD Trustees must be shaking in their boots.


They have my vote, way to go cusdrecall, these are great candidates. Thank god we are finally going to have an election.

A CPA with investigative accounting background,.....can you say "follow the money"? Maybe now we'll get some long awaited answers

Petition Gatherer

And a candidate with development experience and who knows CEQA. Now we might actually get some straight talk about CUSD facilities planning and failures.

Hope they have $$

"This looks like a very solid slate of candidates -- intelligent, successful and professional. "

How is it possible to tell from this press release? How could you possibly know that these individuals look like a solid slate? By their name and job title? I have never heard of any of these individuals. It is going to take a couple hundred thousand dollars each to get these unknowns elected in this huge district. The district is almost as big as the 5th supervisorial district. Cassie DeYoung just spent 3 million to increase her name id in the 5th only to come in second. These folks face a tremendous uphill battle. Best of luck! I hope you pull it off.

Constituent CUSD

Obviously, this was the first announcement and we will learn more as the campaign developes. But at least these candidates appear to have better credentials than the incumbants. Their areas of expertise, if true, would address key failures at CUSD. Yes, the money is always an issue (for both sides). We'll see. One important difference in this case, though -- the Recall Committee's Recall Campaign brought unprecedented awareness of the issues and if there ever was a chance for grass roots challengers to prevail, this is it.

Ear to the Ground

To "Hope they have $$" -- Let me say that:

1. I know each of these candidates personally, and they indeed are a very solid slate of candidates -- intelligent, successful and professional.

2. The "ABC Slate" candidates are eager for the rest of the community to get the chance to know them better...that is what the campaign season is all about.

3. They will have the money and professional campaign assistance to win.

4. Public awareness of the problems at CUSD has never been greater (as demonstrated by more than 177,000 recall signatures).

5. Public awareness was raised thanks to the on-going efforts of the CUSD Recall Committee. The committee's endorsement will carry tremendous weight with the electorate in November.

6. Yes, the incumbents do have some name recognition, but for the most part, that name recognition is very negative and those who know them want them out of office ASAP.

7. Yes, the incumbents do have some additional name recognition...WITH THE ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE! Don't be surprised if one or more incumbents don't end up running as a result of personal legal issues.

CUSD Observer

I like what I see so far and I'm looking forward to learning more about the candidates in the coming months. If the CUSD Recall Committee is supporting these candidates, I know we're headed in the right direction.

Echo Chamber

You may indeed win in a route, ousting all the incumbents and sweeping in new leadership with new ideas about turning around CUSD and setting a new course for the schools... but don't get TOO overconfident.

As the scholastic awards continue rolling in and the students continue moving on to top colleges and universities, it may be difficult to convince those not tuned in to politics to join your revolution.

Reminds me of the famous line from New Yorker critic Pauline Kael in 1972 who said after Nixon got 60% of the vote, "I don't know how Nixon won the election! I don't know anyone who voted for him!"

Constituent CUSD

The recall revolution was driven by residents' dissatisfaction with the CUSD leadership's financial mismanagement and corruption -- the key messages of the recall campaign. Residents, mostly happy with the performance of teachers and students, provided more than 177,000 petition signatures to demonstrate that they saw through the Administration's test scores charade, demanding honest answers about real issue like failed facilities planning.

Public awareness will continue to rise, especially now that the truth is known about the funding of the District's controversial, new $52 million administration building, continuing facilities exposes like the PTA reports at Newhart Midle School and Capo Valley High School, and as more elected officials speak out, demanding financial accountability, in cities like Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita.

The Recall Committee certainly has brought bold leadership, but it has always remianed on point and has tried to use discretion in publicizing expectations. Of course, overconfidence is a danger, and zealous, individual supporters may become so. But the Recall Committee hasn't, and probably won't become overconfident -- at least, I hope not. We'll see.

Ear to the Ground

I take "Echo Chambers" admonition to heart...in politics you can take nothing for granted. Thank you for the wise words of caution.

However, I can promise one thing with absolute certainty -- the CUSD Recall Committee and its hundreds of volunteers will be working non-stop until the polls close on election day to convince every last voter in South Orange County that the existing CUSD Trustees have to go.

We have the issues, the facts, the laws, the people, the support and the total commitment to finally bring true reform to CUSD.

We won't stop, no matter what, until the job is done!

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