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June 01, 2006


Silence Dogood

I agree with you Jubal.

Watch the video again. Corona is clearly just seeking clarification on what hat he was asked to wear when he agreed to the interview. The station probably told him the interview would be about him as "Sheriff Corona" and the Sheriffs Department, intending all along to sneak in a few campaign-related questions for "candidate Corona." It's lame and happens too often. If the reporter happens to get you commenting on campaign matters in an official, government capacity then they have two stories: one about your interview and one about how you're campaigning on government time. Again, lame.

I just learned of this incident and read the comments made by several Mike Carona detractors. With video evidence of a supposed assault/intimidation, I figured there was something to the story.

Then I watched the video and the whole story lost its punch. This wasn't even close to improper behavior. The Huntistas have really become desparate in their final hour.

This smacks of desparation and blind hate. Sad, very sad!

Why is it that whenever something negative happens with Mike Carona, it is always somebody else's fault. It's always the "Huntistas", George Jaramillo, and now Ralph Martin. Is Mike Carona ever responsible for anything?

Carona obviously can't stick to Shroeder, Fleishman, or Lewis' advice: Always be conveniently out of town and never comment!

To all you veteran political experts I ask this one question, in all of the interviews you have seen taped with politicians over the years, have you ever seen something like this happen before?

In all of the interviews I have seen in my lifetime, (and several I have personally given), when the interviewee needs clarification about the line of questioning he/she simply asks whatever question they want from their fixed position. I have never seen anyone step off of camera to get closer to the reporter to ask for clarification, EVER! You see what you want in the video, spin it anyway you want, but for me it just doesn't pass the smell test, At a minimum, Carona invaded the reporters personal space, which by itself would be intimidating.

Silence, Why would Carona have to step toward the camerman to get clarification? It does not make sense......If your response is he could not hear the camerman, he certainly didn't seen to be having any problems hearing him up to this point.

Apparently what the cameraman told others in private was that he was not only intimidated by Carona but was afraid that Carona would send the mob after him and his family.....he was clearly reluctant to say that on camera, likely was embarassed to admit he was afraid, this is a common event with victims. I think the fear is born out by the tone of the reporters voice and the pause in the Reporters comments after Carona returns into the view of the camera. He was clearly rattled, something happened....

No there is something wrong here, the actions do not make sense, don't add up.

Carona, although never a street cop, has the art of intimidation mastered.

Carano stepped into the cameraman's personal space and obviously created an objectively intimidating situation which accomplished its purpose - to keep the cameraman from posing serious questions about his mob associations.

The public does not want to hear fluff about his outreach to the Vietnamese community. The Rizzolo question was appropriate and Carona's seizing control of the interview through intimidation was inappropriate.

I guess if he won't explain his scandals, we will just have to have him answer to the voters on June 6th.

My vote is to REJECT Carona

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

That reporter really oughta know better. You keep your trap shut or your trap gets shut.
Daddy, what's a racketeer?

Carona owes every member of the Orange County Sheriff's Department and every citizen of Orange County an apology for the last eight years. He has been a complete failure as a leader, administrator, cop, and now as a father and a husband. He is a complete disgrace and should resign immediately.

I have been a member of OCSD for more than 20 years and it pains me to tell citizens where I work. Carona has disgraced the very uniform and badge I wear everyday. Please Mike, do the right thing and step down. You know what is coming your way so save the embarrassment and leave now.

It's called, "Getting up in someone's face." It's an effective intimidation technique which in some cases will spark a fight, which is what it is also used for to push someone into taking a swing at you and then you get to kick their ass because they started it!

Animals do this all the time to protect their territory and before maiting to chase weaker males away! Wake up you fools, make as many excuses as you want but he did it and it worked!

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