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June 28, 2006


Art Pedroza

I don't expect that Bustamante would do any better than Brett Franklin did. They both have solid resumes, but neither stands for any recognizable GOP issues. While Franklin has served on the OC GOP Central Committee, he and Bustamante have been slow to back other Republican candidates. I am also not sure how Bustamante would come up with $200K unless he cuts a deal with the unions.

Unfortunately, the OC GOP does not have many candidates to pick from in Santa Ana. They might be stuck with Bustamante. In which case I expect the Dems to hang on to this seat easily.

The ongoing voter registration scandal in central county will also continue to hurt GOP candidates in this area.

Does Kermit Marsh not read the newspaper? Van Tran is toast from his own scandals and now his wife. Kermit could not get any votes outside Westminster because he was a lousy candidate with a lousy campaign. If geography determines who wins the first district why even have a election ?

Pedroza endorses Daucher

Art Pedroza said, they "have been slow to back other Republican candidates"

I agree with you! Glad to know you have seen the light Art and now realize the importance of Republicans endorsing their candidates…So is this your official endorsement of Lynn Daucher for State Senate? Can she list you on the host committee of her next event? That’s great news! We must all unite to have any chance to win this race. Glad to have you on board Art!

Van's "own scandals" - what would those be. The only thing anyone has been able to do is dig up dirt on his wife. Pathetic.

Hey Art, why don't you run. You are so much smarter and wiser than everyone else. I'm sure the voters will gravitate to your message.

Iscosoles Kramers

Please Art lets be realistic here, central OC is now free reign. Those "registration scandals" weren't even scandals. Neal Kelley, the Registrar of Voters himself, said at the OC GOP Central Committee meeting a few months ago that they had only 52 questionable registrations out of about 8,000 which were turned in during that time, that isn't a scandal, it's normal. The whole thing was trumped up by the Democrats and OC Register quick to try to get a news story which has fizzled in the last few months because it had no teeth to it. Neal even alluded to it being likely there were more Illegal Aliens registered in Central OC than false registrations.

Art' Mom

Go ahead and Mijo down for Daucher.


The GOP Party's spin continues on the voter reg sandal-----Kelly had no idea of the magnitude of the problem because his outreach was initially inadequate. Now he's sent 500 cases to the DA for investigation and prosecution. Maybe thats normal for some GOP folks but most Republicans I've talked to are embarassed by this fiasco, p.o'd at Baugh for letting it happen in the first place, dismissing it as insignificant and all in all, giving the Dems an issue they should not have been able to use against them.


Thanks, Storm. I love Kramer's spin--complete with bogus numbers--about it being so minuscule.

Ya Think???

I would say hands down that Joe Dunn has a lock on it IF he wishes to stay in OC Gov't...

And though I am a republican, I can say wholeheartedly that Lou Correa is the Man. Lynn Daucher has neither the $$$ nor ANY manpower from the laughable OCGOP Volunteers (that was a fair trade, eh Scott??? $$$$ from Ding dongs in trade for your Volunteer base you have so effectively ALIENATED in Central County??? Good job, Buddy).

Lynn is the proverbial Lamb to the Slaughter this cycle...only good news is that she is smarter and better funded than that Wing Nut Coronado who wasted our time & energy in 2004...

THE DEMS ARE COMING!! THE DEMS ARE COMING!!!Heck, Frank Barbaro only had to sit back and watch Baugh hand over Central OC & soon the North West corner of the County...too bad.

pathetic sums up van tran's record: fraud, client complaints, criminal investigations, casino scandal, take your pick. check OC Weekly archives for all the above.

Joe Dunn could easily win this seat.

But, why would he want to be the next 1st district's 2nd ineffective supervisor. He should understand that as a Democrat in a Republican controlled county entity you might as well telecommute from home on every day except payday. If this is just his camping ground till the next political step it sure won't be a surprise to any that he cut out midcycle term if something better opens up.

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