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June 30, 2006


One Woman's Opinion

Journos can be just as lazy as the rest of us, although one would think that having survived school where they beat the "5 Ws" into your head, they could at least provide the basics!

Pulido Ain't the Problem

This may be hard for some to believe but Democrat Miguel Pulido is the most conservative member of the Santa Ana City council. He is the only one who has been willing to stand up to the labor unions and that's why they hate him so much. Term limits for Mayor in Santa Ana would just give the unions total control. Bustamante, Bist, and Christy are just big fat RINOS. (Republican In Name Only)I'm glad Pulido is still on there and still has a majority to get the job done.

Bustamante is a tool of liberal Democrat Mayor Miguel Pulido, the Willie Brown of Santa Ana.

I know I am about the only Democrat on this site, but I really enjoy the frequent insights into local Orange County news and politics. So here's what I'll say.

Solorio is going to be in the Assembly. He partially won the Dem primary because of Pulido's support, correct? He needs to keep up that friendship.

Bustamante is doing this as a favor to get Pulido's endorsement for the Supervisor District 1 race if Lou Correa wins Senate District 34.

Claudia Alvarez is bitter over losing not once, but twice, the Dem primary for Assembly, and has nothing to lose by alienating Pulido and the Santa Ana Democrats.

What do you think?

Art Pedroza

Shouldn't we just change the title to "King" or "Emperor" at this point?

nothing changes

well, when Bustamante was elected there were high hopes for him. However, Pulido has done a masterful job of controlling him. We shall see what happens next. Pringle has term limits. so Does Agran. Hats off to pulido.

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