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June 29, 2006


Heads up Santa Ana!

I hope the Santa Ana City council is watching and will not go forward with the the same bad plan.

Supe credentials

Mayor Pro Tem David Shawver (remember him?)

You know what cracks me up over the bashing folks gave Shawver? Somehow he wasn't worthy of being a supervisor. Yet his credentials are remarkably similar to others. He is a career school teacher. He's been a city councilperson for almost 20 years. Sound familiar? Look no further than the credentials of the present supervisor for the 4th district prior to unseating an incumbent.

What a hoot.

Sup. to Nuts

I think Norby and Silva were both school teachers.


Being a teacher didn't automatically discredtit Shawver.

Norby wasn't a union puppet, dredged up by the public employees at the last minute, and bankrolled by the unions in order to run against a candidate they feared.

Supe credentials

You're correct. Norby was a puppet of the anti airport forces who funded his campaign.

What's the difference?


No, Norby took advantage of a consistent policy position with regard to El Toro that he had held since the mid-nineties. No puppetry going on, esp. since the airport issue is dead.

Dave S., othe other hand, was a virtual marionette of the public employee unions who will never go away. Any real comparison?

Supe credentials

Shawver's credentials are no different than Norby's when he ran back in 2002. Rationalize all you want. But that is the fact of the matter.

You sir, are an idiot

Other than Shawver is a union stooge and Norby is virtually a political libertarian.

Yeah, other than their political philosophies, there's no difference at all.

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