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June 05, 2006


John Thomas

I'm with you Jubal. I'm voting for Carona. We haven't had an OC politico this entertaining in my memory.

I can't wait to find out what more will come out of the Jaramillo trial when it starts in September.

John is right. Some cities would do well to contract out to the "Green Machine" Garden Grove is one such city.


YOU can't wait until it's over??? How about us poor working slobs stuck in the middle of all this? In three decades of service, I have NEVER seen a more devisive race or issue. I attribute most of this to the Hunt/Whitacre personal attack team, although, admittedly, many pointed out this would be the only route such a heavy underdog could take- the "throw it at the wall and see what sticks" strategy. I am thoroughly confident Carona will walk away with a 50%+ victory tomorrow, but the dept. will take a looooong time to heal.

Carona knows the job and I frankly don't believe it is necessary to change horses in mid-stream.

Jubal, are you serious?

Not necessary to change horses in mid-stream? How about bringing a new sheriff to town for the good of the order. As written by Staff and pulled from the OCW, below are some good reminders why another top cop is needed (I never knew the part about Samantha Runnion, but it really takes the cake):

Main Player: Mike Carona

Main Opponents: LA Sheriff Commander Ralph Martin and San Clemente Police Chief Bill Hunt

Main Issue: Corruption, safety, corruption, cops on the street, corruption, jail capacity, corruption, corruption.

Supporters: Loads of Armenians, Vegas strip club owner and alleged mafia associate Rick Rizzolo, unbalanced characters seeking reserve deputy sheriff badges and concealed weapon permits, unbalanced characters carrying reserve deputy sheriff badges and unconcealing their guns to threaten guys on a golf course.

Quotable: “I’m going to shove it up his ass,” Carona said in 2005 about ex-Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo allegedly leaking secrets about Carona’s extramarital affairs and misdeeds.

Unmentionable: Carona paid New York PR firm Ogilvy more than $5,580 to capitalize on media attention following the kidnapping, rape and murder of 5-year-old Samantha Runnion.

Scandals: Yes, please. Bribery, illegal fund-raising, sex—multiple, badges for sale for campaign contributions—multiple, questionable hiring practices, destruction of embarrassing records, personal use of department resources, and some really gnarly pictures of Carona in nylon short shorts.

I've been a member of the sheriff's department for 30 yrs and have served two sheriffs, Brad Gates and Mike Carona. The difference list between these two men can fill volumes. I concede under Carona the department has moved positively forward but its purely due to the professional, hard working deputies, investigators, sergeants, and management staff. Carona has done nothing but disgrace the department and SHOULD NOT get any of the credit and certainly should not be re-elected for a third term. He failed to accomplish any of his original 10 points from the 1998 campaign and even lied when he said he would not seek a third term. Please vote for Lt. Bill Hunt or Commander Ralph Martin. Both men are honorable, experienced, and will restore integrity to the Orange County Sheriff's Department. The future of the largest law enforcement agency in Orange County rests in the hands of the voters, I pray you will make the right choice. (submitted by a Sheriff's Manager fearful of retaliation by Carona)

Don't you just love these Huntistas? They blame the Sheriff for anything and everything that goes wrong, but they give him credit for nothing that goes right!

Yes you are right. The Sergeants, Deputies, Investigators are all directly responsible for getting the job done! But Sheriff Carona has facilitated an environment that allows for that job to get done.

Under Sheriff Gates the pressure to conform was enormous. Good ideas were shelved because middle management was afraid to rock the boat. One mistake and you were banished to the far corners of OCSD to languish for the rest of your career.

Under Sheriff Carona, new ideas are welcomed, progressive thinking is encouraged and we are better off because of it.

Despite what the Huntistas say, our communities are safer than they have ever been. The rest is just smoke and mirrors. All designed to get their guy elected.

Tomorrow won't come soon enough!

Lets not forget the scandals Lieutenant Hunt has also been involved in.

His past history includes censure from the Grand Jury, complaints of creating a hostile work environment, and campaign affiliation with cops who were convicted of horrible crimes.

The view without Hunt loyalist blinders is very clear.

John Thomas

And to keep the nautical metaphor intact.

"Stay the Course".

Carona says his idol is Ronald Reagan. I remember the Gipper using that one in 1984.

Keep 'em coming Mike. In my golden years I am enjoying the news about you almost every day.

"Under Sheriff Carona, new ideas are welcomed, progressive thinking is encouraged and we are better off because of it." Yeah, right. What about the new ideas to stop handing out guns and badges to Carona's buddies and wealthy donators. That idea was welcomed with a swift boot in the behind to the brave lieutenant who would not break the law as Carona wanted.
What about the progressive thinking of addressing the promotional system, objective vs. subjective, that was presented to Carona. Carona yelled "stand down lieutenant". Yeah Carona really encouraged the masses with that. The only smoke and mirrors is hiding the inside truth of Carona's failures. Lets not forget the sex scandals Carona got himself into. He claims to be a family man and good Christian. Ask the grand jury about that one. The end of Carona's dog and pony show is near.

First of all, the "brave lieutenant" declared his allegience to Bill Hunt when he failed to get promoted to captain under Sheriff Carona.

As for the objective promotional system that you espouse. Bill Hunt has no promotional system that is completely objective either. He has stated that he will only promote from within the department. That means he will be promoting from within his support group. That group is not only limited to mostly stereotypical cops, but it is full of militant, sexist, racist, egomaniacs. How's that for subjective.

Maybe Carona isn't the model family man, but neither is Bill Hunt. I for one don't think its pertinent to the race.

Will we enact a plan to keep criminal aliens out of our communities? Will we work with the Department of Homeland security? Will we provide law enforcement services that keep our communities safe? Will we continue to obtain cutting edge tools to do our jobs?

Those are the issues that the voters should focus on. Whenever the tough questions come to the forefront you Huntistas point out the Sheriffs swim trunks.

You're all flash and no substance!

Art Pedroza


Face facts amigo. If Carona was a Democrat you would be calling for his head.

If Bill Hunt were a Democrat he'd call for his head as well.

and if Moorlach loses, he'll be puking in the head.

The Real Slim Silva

Can anybody tell me where Mike Hunt is?

Hunt 4 Sheriff

"a statesman like job..."? Hell, Carona didn't know where the light switches were in the headquarters building, let alone try to play tough guy with the admin and troops. Had Carona tried any other tactic he would have been made to look the idiot during his first term and maybe we would have been rid of him sooner.

John Thomas


You bring up a good point. During the 90's the GOP had Clinton tried, convicted, and exectuted based strictly upon rumors. Even had Hillary convicted of murdering Vince Foster.

But the same allegations surface against Carona and now it's nothing but "smog, mud and allegations".

And you'll have to pardon me if I don't buy into Fleischman's support. Given his disdain for big government while cashing tax payer funded paychecks from the County and the State via his phony baloney patronage commission position sort of wrecks any credibility he might have on the subject.


John Thomas:

I guess you're forgetting those little matters like lying under oath and lying directly to the American people.


And even after it became obvious that Clinton lied, the rejoinder from folks like yourself was, "Of course he lied -- he'd committed adultery! But it's only about sex, so it doesn't count."

Give up the Clinton analogy defense. It's a loser for you.

John Thomas


I'm talking about the mentality of the GOP prior to Ken Starr's witchunt.

And btw. After all was said and done, he was acquitted.

Surely you respect the process. Even GOP senators voted to acquit. We'll have to see if Carona realizes the same fate.

The analogy is quite similar.

Mike Hunt

Was somebody looking for me?

Whoever get more votes today doesn't matter, Mike Hunt will be the biggest winner.


"The big, ugly horse flies in the ointment -- Don Haidl and George Jaramillo -- are now gone. The damage they inflicted on Carona is an example of the Sheriff being loyal to a fault."

Might not others, less charitable, fairly suggest the pair were an example of the Sheriff's exercise of exeedingly poor judgement; and that the damage has been self-inflicted all along?


I'm talking about the mentality of the GOP prior to Ken Starr's witchunt.

Surely you respect the process.

"Wittchunt", eh? I can tell you have great respect for the process.

Yes, he was acquitted by the Senate. Clinton was fortunate to have a jury that was truly composed of his peers.

But I don't think your anaology is at all fair.


Might not others, less charitable, fairly suggest the pair were an example of the Sheriff's exercise of exeedingly poor judgement; and that the damage has been self-inflicted all along?

Yes, that is a fair and accurate statement. I didn't know anything about Don Haidl, but I knew Jaramillo was a ticking time bomb from the time Carona appointed him. And if I knew that much, Mike ought to have had an inkling.

Of course, Mike Carona promoted Bill Hunt from Sergeant to Lieutenant AND assigned Hunt to the San Clemente Police Services.

So, Carona self-inflicted himself with Hunt as well.

Three for three. Good in baseball, but not in police work.

John Thomas

"Wittchunt", eh? I can tell you have great respect for the process.

Starr's animus towards Clinton was well known and well documented. Hardly an impartial individual. Whitewater turns into Travelgate. Travelgate turns into Filegate, which turned into Lewinskygate. In the end the charges brought were for questions regarding the individual's personal life for something that hadn't even happened when the investigation started. Should an elected official's personal life be off limits?

Sorry to ruffle your feathers. But witchunt is the appropriate term in this case.

Yes, he was acquitted by the Senate. Clinton was fortunate to have a jury that was truly composed of his peers.

Are you saying you have more knowledge than them? And they made the wrong decision? If so, please tell the rest of us.

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