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June 12, 2006



Better make sure he really gave it this time. The Irvine Co. has a nasty habit of promising money and then a couple of years later, promising it again . . . and again . . . without ever actually delivering. They do get nice press for it, though.

Big Bren Bucks

Let's hope they(schoolboard) don't poor it down a rat hole like they did with the bond money.

Does Bren have kids in Santa Ana?

Who's your daddy?

Don Bren has kids EVERYWHERE!

Thomas Gordon

Kudos to Dan Young & Donald Bren for putting $$$ where it's much needed.

Jerry Amante

Everytime Don Bren has promised money for schools...He's paid it..every dime and more. He has been a friend to public education for years. He has been and continues to be particularly generous in the areas of art, music, science and after school education.

I know all this to be true first hand having worked for many years with the Public Schools Foundations in Irvine and Tustin.

Say what you want but don't accuse Don Bren of welching on a deal...He has not!

For all the El Toro lovers out there, Donald Bren killed it so he could surround the base with homes.

All he did was drive up air fares in OC. Not a very business friendly guy.....except for himself of course!

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