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June 09, 2006


Tim Whitacre

Mike Carona is a disgrace to law enforcement and to the Republican Party of Orange County. If any of my fellow Republicans doubted it prior to June 7th, it should be crystal clear now.

To retaliate against real cops for standing up on behalf of their Department as American Citizens in supoort of Lt. Bill Hunt, is deplorable and reeks of the above-the-law Mobster mentality that Carona has brought to the office of Sheriff.

Lt. Bill Hunt did nothing more than articulate as a candidate for Sheriff, what was/is common knowledge about Mike Carona and his numerous ethically challenged decisions and scandals.

The Board of Supervisors should NOT allow one dime of taxpayer dollars to be spent in legal fees by the out of control Sheriff, in his bid to extract every ounce of revenge out of the brave men and women within the Sheriff's Department, who dared to stand up and tell the public that their Department is mired in scandal and to ask the public to give them a new Sheriff - one in which they could count on to restore integrity and trust.

In his job, Lt. Bill Hunt is accountable to Carona. As an elected official, Carona is accountable to us, the voters.

Carona's apparent less than convincing win -thanks to both the DA, Tony Rackaukas, moving back the Jaramillo trial after the Primary and the low voter turn out, was anything but a mandate from the voters for Carona to continue in his thuggery.

To answer the question that many of you have called me with, "Yes, in light of Carona's handling of Lt. Bill Hunt and other officers in the OCSD, and on behalf of those good men and women who have served in both the front lines and in the DA's office, it would be an honor to lead you in a recall of "Sheriff" Mike Carona, should he not immediately cease his political retribution against Lt. Bill Hunt and others in the OCSD who did not blindly follow Carona as ordered."

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre


Tim's back.


Brett Nemeth

The actions after the election seem disturbing. I had serious concerns about Corona's decision making prior to the election (support of Nativo Lopez, Haidl, Jaramillo, etc.) Nor, did I want to see a Union candidate. (I am not sure Hunt fits that description, but he may.)

Can anyone who has any insight explain his post election decisions about this in more detail. (And, I don't want to hear it's a personnel matter ..... ). Also, I would love to hear why he endorsed Nativo years back. Looking forward to a response.

Mr. Berry

Why is anyone surprised at Carona's re-election. Marion Barry got re-elected after being busted for crack cocaine possession.

Carona's foibles pale in comparison to that.



Shut up and go away.

The election ended last Tuesday and you're usefulness has long since ended.

If you want a re-count, them pay for it yourself. Put up or shut up.

Preferably, the latter.

Hunt 4 Sheriff

Carona has once again listened to the wrong people who have given him the usual bad advice. Those who supported Bill Hunt are proud to have stood with him and we will continue that support.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; 
 for he to-day that sheds his blood with me 
shall be my brother.

Support the 241


What's going on with the site? When clicking on the "Comment" feature, it opens in a separate IE window. Very disconcerting!


It's Carona's fault.

OC Repub Man

I don't know who Tim Whitacre is (obviously a political insider w/a history here), but I can't see what's wrong with his comments. Carona clearly reeks of corruption and abuse of power.

I know it must be hard for political operatives to dump elected officials they've invested time, money and faith in, but we harm ourselves as Republicans when we stand up for those who have so clearly failed us.

We all thought Corona would be a breath of fresh air and a savior of sorts when he first ran. We were wrong. It happens.

In the future, the better part of valor for our party will be to throw such characters overboard when they prove themselves unfit to appropriately handle their power.

Based on his history, we should expect more scandals from this man's office in the years to come.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

Support the 241:

I just want to congratulate you, Ann Romano. You clearly make an excellent chair of the Communications Committee of the Building Industry Association - Orange County. I enjoy watching you communicate the gospel of the 241. And it is a gospel: it all has to be taken on faith, with little factual evidence to back it up. And no one preaches that EIR like you, Ann, unless it's Matt Cunningham or Ken Ryan. Cheers to Ann for a job well done.

Support the 241

Thanks, Alex! I wouldn't want to confuse you with facts about the 241, since you've so clearly made up your mind.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

Ack! Ann's threatening to blind me with science! Although if it's what the TCA considers scientific evidence, it's weird science indeed.
From my heart and from my hand
Why don't people understand
My intentions?

Silence Dogood


You think the 241 is South County's "Lisa"? And the TCA, our Gary and Wyatt?

If the 241 looks anything like Kelly LeBrock, every man in Southern California will be flocking to support it (save you).

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

If the 241 looked like Kelly LeBrock, it would be so fine people would be able to tell where all the money went. An additional $35 Million for planning/construction approved in the FY2007 Budget, I saw.
I guess even without LeBrock looks, to some the 241 is simply irresistable.
(and please, let's have a generational update - Vanessa Angel from the USA TV series. Molten.)

Don Carona

Youz all mights want to tink about taking me on again. I wants youz all to take a good look at Hunt and watch the way I makes ketchup outta him.

Any of you sissy boys tinks you gots some big brass ones, bring it on. I, Don Carona, am above the law!

By da way, effective immediately, I am da Sheriff of O.C. - Organized Crime. Youz Got it?!

Tim Whitacre

I want to make one thing real clear regarding Carona's behavior after the election: It has nothing to do with his campaign team from Lewis Consulting.

The day after the election, Matt Holder contacted me. He was very professional and congratulated me on a hard fought campaign.

Matt was unaware of Carona's actions towards Bill Hunt and was very disappointed to hear that Carona had taken such course of action. We both agreed that revenge is best served cold.

Carona's current actions of retribution have not derived from the advice of his campaign consultants.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Tim, shut up


Who cares?

Go away.

Shut up.

No one likes you continuing the campaign that is over.

Take your personal hatred somewhere else.



Keep it up. You are crazy like a Fox and Carona is the Big Fat Rat you are running to ground, you Jarhead!!!


I respect you for posting these character bashing articles about OC Weekly's favorite Pinata - Mike Carona.

But Jubal, beware such a fool should he turn on you and the last of his honorable friends/supporters such as yourself and your pals in the OCGOP machine.

In ending, I just gotta wonder if Jaramillo was really the culprit in ALL those lapses of good sense Carona repeatedly made, time after time after time --- it seems the Fall Guy changes but only Mike himself remains the common link in all of these scandals.


All I can say is I love the Republicans eating thier own.
You have all been mean towards Tim and I am a Democrat. Now how is that for yeah! But unlike you I believe in forgive and forget!
Except this time!
Hanging around all you mean spirited Republicans you have taught me alot and I thank you for that!
Now here is a law enforcement officer's wife comments to you all.
Read and sign.

Go Tim Go

Tim, Shut up,

You said "Who cares?"

Obviously about 50% of those who voted do!
Their votes were a rejection of everything Carona stands for. Now after Carona's latest thuggery, a lot of those who voted for him are upset as well.

Carona was given a third opportunity to redeem himself and he couldn't even go 24 hours without showing us his true colors.
What a disgraceful, low-life, corrupt politician!

Code Zulu

Dear Mr. Tim Whitacre,

Your sententiously suggesting a recall of Carona if he does not operate his office according to YOUR ideals further reveals the extent to which you are neophyte. You are right in that Carona is answerable to his constituency. It has made its choice. But if you believe you have another mandate that you think you can foist on voters, have at it. In fact, why don't you get the ball rolling with your own money? I am sure that if it were to catch on, others will donate, maybe. But methinks your threat of recall is just your demonstrating your concupiscence for obduracy.

Tim, a lot of posters tried to get you to moderate your rhetoric in prayer of preserving a modicum of dignity within Station 18. You obviously were in no mood to listen to reason as evidenced by your ratcheting up your vicious attack. Destroying station 18 was something you were willing to do to effectuate your opinion of how that agency ought to look.

Now to further illustrate the extent of your obduracy, you angrily referred to me as a "...dirt bag cop." You have not a clue of who I am. But because you were unable to compete intellectually, you had to revert to attacking me. The term is argumentum ad hominem. I believe it to be the dominant component of your extremely truncated intellectual repertoire. And did you ask Bill where his bat caves were before your eerie keyboard diatribe?

Tim, there is no doubt in my mind that you were in this more for your agenda than anything else. I will give you credit for the following of Station 18 deputies you were able to drum up. But still, it was you who wanted to reign kingmaker. Tim, you were unsuccessful because you chose the wrong path to your goal. Praying for Hunt's success based on the incumbent to implode was stupid. And when your only strategy did not pan out, your reaction was to blame others including the DA. All you’re left with is conspiracy theory that only serves to further marginalize you.

This sad epic of OC politics is emblematic of many concepts, irony being merely one. You blasted Carona for alleged ethical transgressions and in the end it is Hunt being held to answer for his. And if what I have read is true, Carona is to be commended for not taking legal action against Hunt during the campaign when it would have most assuredly been appropriate. And there is no doubt that were the table reversed, you would have done to Carona what he did not do to Hunt. In short and, quite ironic once again, Carona demonstrated character superior to Hunt.

Tim, you chose poorly. You made a lot of terrible mistakes. You were willing to stop at nothing to win including destroying Station 18, probably because if you were successful Hunt would have molded it is his image and imposed it on his deputies. Isn’t this why you attacked Carona, because he ran his office consistent with his prerogative?

Tim, in life it is always better to approach that which is intellectual devoid of emotion. You approached the primary emotionally. Your campaign lacked logic and reason. And God forbid, when anyone tried to interject Socratic arguing, you castigated him/her beyond disgust. Tim, the aftermath of the primary was predicable. Hunt being held to answer for his ethical transgressions was predictable. Whether Hunt remains employed and a viable employee will be determined solely upon what he did and not any intent on the part of Carona to retaliate. Hunt should have kept his mouth shut and moderated his actions. His being a cop should have kept in clued in that bad actions have commensurate consequences.

Vaya con dios hombre,

Code Zulu

Bill Hunt's IA Investigator

Wow, someone bought a new dictionary.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

Nah, Code Zulu, too highfalutin and too complicated. If Hunt believes all he says about his boss, he has a higher duty to the people to speak his mind, no matter what Human Resources back at the office says. It's plain naive to expect everyone to settle down and get over this contentious election, especially now that all of San Clemente is standing up for their Sheriff, Bill Hunt. All except Knoblock. Is it me, or does that guy's name sound like a strategy to keep other guys from talking to your girl?
The Carona strategy is roughly the same as the Dornan strategy. It's a big Republican favorite, and I call it "Passing Gas in a Coonfined Space".
The idea is to make the atmosphere around so so noxious that no one can bear to be near enough to actually see what you're up to. Then, if anyone actually dares to sniff the air or point an accusatory finger, simply scream that whoever smelt it dealt it. Bada bing bang boom, pfffffffffffft.
I think Fleischman's got Carona on an all-chili diet as of late.

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