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June 04, 2006


Lazy Steve

I liked this comment from Greenhut,

Most of us at some point in our lives have had a job interview that has ended with the interviewer saying something to this effect: "Mr. So and So, while you have interesting skills, we don't think you are the right fit for the position or our company."

Why do I have a feeling he has experienced that more than the rest of us. Intellectual laziness will get you replaced at the companies I've for in the past. Maybe that is considered a qualifying trait at the OcR Op Ed Board.


The 50th and California

Campaign calculus as complex as it gets

By Chris Reed
San Diego Union Tribune
June 4, 2006


Then something peculiar happened. In recent weeks – between the congressional debate over the Bush administration's intense push for “comprehensive immigration reform,” the mass Latino walkouts and rallies over a tough enforcement bill passed by the House, and Bilbray's sharp criticism of the White House's immigration prescription – the two narratives essentially merged. For both Democrats and Republicans, a vote for either Busby or Bilbray became a proxy to express discontent over the ways of Washington.

“The angry white guy is still the most prevalent voter in the 50th, and he's [incensed] about both illegal immigration and what [Democrats] call the 'culture of corruption,'” says Orange County-based pollster Adam Probolsky. “The issues feed off each other.”


Bilbray's braying over what he calls “amnesty” proposals will drive up turnout among conservatives infuriated by the president's and the Senate's immigration squishiness. But Bilbray's history of moderate to liberal stands on gun control, abortion and gays will keep many social conservatives home – and popular GOP blogger Jon Fleischman has kept the spotlight for weeks on Bilbray's apostasy.


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Gee, I guess Lazy Larry won't like what I posted this a.m. at Cheat-Seeking Missiles:

In California, Jerry Brown will always be remembered for his relationship with two women: Linda Ronstadt and Rose Bird. To put it bluntly, he screwed the former and screwed us with the latter.


Now lets see how long Matt from Sheriff Carona campain leaves this up here..
Carona does not even deserve the chance to be in the run off at all. He lied about the Amber Alert. He is quoted in one flier as saying he came up with the whole thing. He makes the Sheriff Dept. a political nightmare for the sworn officers that serve there.
Ralph Martin is a joke of a Commander that kisses up to his LA Sheriff as I have seen him quoting as his the most looked up to person. What’s that? I say a kiss up if you ask me. Why the LA Times is endorsing is way beyond me. They have no clue how we live here in Orange County at all. Look how messed up Ralph Martin has made LA!
So he wants to come here and do the same to us. NOT!
The rank and file is endorsing Lt. Bill Hunt. Why does everyone seem to forget and leave that out time and time again? The other one in the race withdrew and backed Lt. Bill Hunt.
If no one is going to listen to the Rank and File of the very dept. we are voting on then why is the Sheriff spot open for a political vote in the first place?
The Deputies want Lt. Hunt plain and simple. That should be enough for us to stand up for Lt. Bill Hunt with the Deputies in Orange County on June 6th and vote for him over Martin and Carona. Since we do not wear the badge they wear please vote for Lt. Bill Hunt!

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