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June 30, 2006


No Cooties in Orange

I would rather the war on west nile and fire ants be waged at Vector Control. I don't trust the former parolees that make up private bug killers work forces to have the health of the county as a primary concern. I'm crazy like that.

William Fitzgerald

OCR article on Anaheim WiFi mentions Jeff Flint consultant for Earthlink. The same Jeff Flint, Chief of Staff for Curt Pringle?

Curt Pringle moves from Garden Grove to Anaheim and buys the Mayor election with NFL money. Fullerton has free WiFi and Anaheim residents get to pay.

Something is rotten in the state of Anaheim.



You utter disregard for even the most rduimentary facts makes it impossible to take you seriously. Just being a hater is not enough.


Great comment Jubal on the Servite story.

On Huff's column, wasn't that just recycled from the OCGOP web site? I thought the Reg at least went through the pretense of being nonpartisan(the Dem pieces go in the back of the Sunday commentary--known as the Commentary Obit page. No one gets that far unless Greenhut's article continues on that page.

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