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June 29, 2006



JWA ranks third in small (less than 10 million pasengers a year) airport satisfaction - by J.D. Power and Aviation Week


(wonder why the local dailies did not report about that, while the San Antonio Bus. Jrnl did (San Antonio came eight in the same category)



Thanks for the cool link. Oddly, there seems to a strongly correlation running through the list: the more Southwest Airlines uses an airport, the more satisfied are the airport's Patrons. This is particuarly clear in the small airport category: the top two airports are airports that would have been shut down (Love) or massively scaled back (Hobby) but for Southwest Airlines.

But I do love travelling through JWA; remember when the Dickens Carolers that used to smooth the holiday travel rush? ahhh, that was a clever management move. I bet it saved them in money in reducing the number of customer screamfests employees had to endure....

Does the Brea History museum have an exhibit on usurping people's property rights? If not it should.

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