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June 12, 2006


As a resident of Orange County and employee of the County I found myself with a difficult decision to make regarding Moorlach. I really like what he has to say when it comes to wasteful spending. In fact I agree with everything he preaches regarding fiscal responsibilty. I am concerned though when he speaks of our benefits. I am a safety member (Deputy). I will admit that out benefits package is attractive. It is the only reason I stay. My hourly wage is nothing spectacular but I can provide for my family. I think what some people forget is just how much of our lives we give up to work this job. We work odd shifts, weekends, holidays. I miss out on a lot of my family time due to my hours. I have become cynical. I have seen things that I don't want to remember. Had too many fights with suspects etc. But I can not do this forver. None of us can. It takes its toll. I am only 40 but I am already beat having done this for 17 years. My retirement and benefits is why I stay. It is what keeps almost all of us in the job. It is thankless, boring, terrifying, stressful occasionally gratifying, etc. I know you have heard it all before and nobody made me take this job. But I expect to be paid well for what I do. Just like any workplace you have to make it worthwhile to hire qualified people, it's business 101.

What decision did you make?


For those of the public that think the county employees pensions and wages are spiked, think again in my position of 19 years my salary has increased a wopping 1.75% per year. The county doesn't keep up with other county agencies in salaries. One of the richest counties employees get paid less that the employees of the County of San Bernardino and must either pay a fortune in housing costs or must live out in the IE. The majority of the employees give 110% and get absolutely nothing in return for the extra effort our choice yes on the issue of social security i imagine some of the people that trash talk our retirement live in those million dollar homes made there fortune but you can bet your bottom dollar they take social security and probably don't need it but take it anyway so for those of you hiding behind PROP 13 taxes why don't you contribute to the cause and rescind it. Now the underfunding if the county in the big dot com years would have contributed instead of letting the funds pay there share which i never got the option not to pay in those years it wouldn't be unfunded and where are you in your outrage of these CEO's retirement packages well thats right you only want to pick on the hard working county employees who keep your county safe and running


Ahh, what a wonderful country we live in. You may choose where you work and what job you do. If your salary is insufficient, get another job. If your salary has just gone up 1+% a year, you are the one putting up with that, how is that anyone else's fault but your own.

And if you are wondering, I pay scads into social security and have NO expectation of ever collecting a dime. They will means test it or move the retirement age to 98. I put away money for my retirement, and need no one else to be in charge of my own life. Now that is FREEDOM!

John Thomas

Jubal is critical of those performing functions he has never done. Yet he got all huffy when someone dared to impugn the ability of his hero and idol John Lewis.

His crticism of Beradino is similar to Greenhut. Both grew never having been in the end zone. So now they relish victories for the first time. The good and bad of politics is that it never stays the same. Just ask the folks like Jubal who supported the airport.


JT, There is not a single, intelligent, substantial or interesting thought in your last post.



Don't encourage John Thomas/Lazy Steve. He might start psychoanalyzing you, too. it's amazing how much he knows about people he doesn't know and things he knows nothing about.

David Zenger

John Thomas, what is this "end zone" you mention?

Who are you, and what goal line have you ever crossed, pray tell?

John Thomas

If any of you have to ask about the 'end zone', then you clearly don't understand.

David Zenger

Well, it's true - I don't understand you.

So why not present a clear explanation of what you mean by "end zone." Of course, your definition could be made even clearer if you added a brief description of your own accomplishments on that metaphorical gridiron of yours.



Last night I saw a guy get away with resifracting a huzzinator - in your face Establishment!

If you have to ask what resifracting a huzzinator is, then you clearly don't understand.

Am I a cool kid now, too? ;-)

Dave Swanson

Thus it continues, John Thomas' main goal on this blog is to post incoherant nonsense that just confuses people, I don't know his political profile, but he makes a perfect democrat. Complains about everything, without offering any alternative.

jimmy camp

I completely agrre with Nick Berardino when he said..."Equally important is the fact that we will continue to fight if necessary and we will be even more vigorous (economically and otherwise) in the future."....Yes Nick, be prepared to fight because we aren't through with you yet. We plan on continuing the pummeling you just received. Is it embarrassing Nick to get pummelled by the school nerd society? Do all of the real unions make fun of you?


Hey Dave, you can have Mr. Thomas. and please don't go there about criticizing and not offering solutions. The one time Republicans offered solutions--Contract on America...they broke it early and often. Parties out of power, both of them, habitually criticize and occasionally offer solutions.

Chris Prevatt

Ok Jubal & Spock,

I can see that you drank the Kool-aid graciously offered to you by Moorlach and bought into his phony doom and gloom predictions. Moorlach’s potion has helped you believe that County employees are over paid, greedy individuals who get tax payer funded, outrageously golden retirement benefits that they do not deserve and have not paid anything towards.

Well I can’t dispute that public employees and their pensions are paid for with tax dollars. Conversely, I don’t think you could dispute the fact that private sector employees (of Boeing for example) and their pensions are paid for with revenues from sales of some product or service. In both cases the employee gets a benefit for providing a service or product for a consumer who pays for that product or service.

Moorlach preaches doom, gloom, and bankruptcy at the hands of greedy union bosses who are hell bent on destroying the County by providing out of line benefits to county workers. Berardino claims that county employees have paid for their retirement benefits by paying more into the retirement system and giving up pay raises for the last 2 years. The average reader here has no way of cutting through the BS. Who is telling it like it is and who is shoveling a line of bull?

Gentlemen, there is a simple way to resolve this poker stand-off. Please show your cards and reveal the actual data that supports Moorlach’s assumptions. Make sure you cover in your calculations the 6%-7% annual salary savings over the next 30+ years and the increased contributions from eligible employees, and the health care cost concessions county employees have given to the taxpayers of Orange County. Do the math and I think you will find one of two things…

Either the money saved through delayed salary increases and increased employee contributions has met the need or come real close, or the County employee unions have negotiated unsustainable benefits that will ultimately bankrupt the county and cost their members jobs.

Now, on the matter of who picked a fight with whom…

Moorlach has been attacking County employees, their pensions, retiree medical costs, and pay, since well before he announced his run for Supervisor. John Moorlach has behaved like a school yard bully. You do not stand up to a bully who has threatened and attacked you by turning tail and running. You stand and fight. You punch them in the nose a few times and you stand your ground. Even if you loose the initial battle, at least you’ve staked you position upon the bedrock of principle and gone down fighting.

I proudly stand with Nick Berardino when he says that we will continue to fight if necessary and we will be even more vigorous (economically and otherwise) in the future. Somebody must stand up and counter the lies and misinformation that Moorlach and other uninformed union haters have and are spreading. That somebody is, and will continue to be, us…

The employee/taxpayers of Orange County.

This message is brought to you by your local public employees who are proud union members. You remember the unions don’t you? They’re the same people who brought you overtime, paid vacations and sick leave, your lunch break and the weekend.


Workers of the County arise! You have nothing to lose but your paper clips!

CO Dem

I understand JT's comments. Jubal and others have made very disparaging statements about professions they have never done but yet have claimed to know a lot about.

He clearly considers John Lewis a role model. Fair enough. I've watched more than a couple of Lewis' campaigns. He runs a typical smear campaign based upon lies and half truths. Jubal cites the Measure D campaign as a successful campaign that overcame long odds as an underdog. According to who I don't know. It is well known the original language used in the initiative was written by the counsel for the OCFA and NOT the firefighters union.

But Lewis smeared the issue using lies (deputies and DA's eliminated despite the statements of the Supervisors who control the budget process) and other outright lies (unanswered 911 calls).

If any of you don't understand where the 'end zone' is located it is because you never played a game that requires you conduct yourself with some sense of honor and integrity. Something Lewis and his proteges don't understand. The only that matters is the win.


honor & integrity----I didn't see that in any of the contested races on either side of the aisle this year.

CO Dem

I was referring to Lewis. It is the tactics of him and others (Rove, South, Mulholland et al) that continue to cause and ensure low voter turnout.

I believe it is the smear campaigns that turn people off to all politics.


No doubt it affects turnout but smear campaigns are as old as the Republic and engaged in more often then not because they tend to work. Not always mind you but enough that a political consultant forswears using the technique at his or her risk. People always tell you they hate the attacks but if it strikes an issue near and dear to them, they respond.

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